Wanna know what and where to farm?

Similar to my last post and published page (the one with raid loot drops from all the raid names), I made a list for heroic one too. Though instead of listing all the loot that drops in these zones, this list will contain the rarest of drops from final names in heroic zones. The list covers original Altar of Malice zones, as well as Rum Cellar Campaign, Fabled Echoes of Faydwer Zones and rewards from various collection sets and quests.

Notable Loot

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  1. Well, I am on page one and working my way through it now. LOTS to see. I want to learn about the Rum Celler strat for sure! Don’t think I have a handle on that yet, although —- walked me through it twice, and he had an excellent strat for it. But I forgot some of what he told me. 🙁

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