Terror of Thalumbra: Progression, Tradeskill and Optimization

Hello fellow Norrathians!

It took some time and research to figure out new stuff in xpac, but I’m happy to say that reports are finally here. Like I did it with previous expansion, I decided to keep the structure of progression and xpac guides to help you start off on the right foot, make it easier for you understand new content and mechanics, and even some basic information on zone progression stat requirements. Following articles have been published, and although they’re marked as complete, it still too early for this xpac and I may have gotten some of the information wrong or incorrect, or even missed something. So probably expect a few changes made in upcoming months. Also if you feel some of the information is wrong or missing, please use contact to inform me. I always appreciate any help with this project. Other than that, enjoy:


As with the previous xpac, this article will contain information about new end-game progression, item customization and new mechanics and items introduced when xpac went live. Info about questlines, itemization, infusion, new stat mechanics and limitations, new deity system, new green and purple adornments.


Another complete overhaul of crafting system, where every tradeskill class got two new recipe books, basic and advanced. All new legendary mastercrafted gear to prep you for solos and heroics, new and better potions, scrolls, ammo, etc.


List of all high end consumable items, including most new ones, as well as some from previous xpacs.

Class Optimization

Alright, now this is a tricky part. From my experience on beta, and few heroic and raid runs on live, I came up with list of stats that should suffice for optimal zone runs. Unlike previous xpac, I’m going to tackle each zone tier differently, so there’s no confusion between solo, heroic and raid stat requirement. Additionally I decided to split the list even further, because not all classes benefit as much from exact same stats like some others. Be warned, these are currently ‘experimental’ stats and I’ll be polishing them until new xpac comes out, to keep up with overall server progression.

So what’s next?

Next on the list are following articles, in order of priority:

  1. Infusion System (how infusing new gear works)
  2. Loot Table (what and where to farm)
  3. Zone Strats (duh, time to elaborate on fights and zones)
  4. Secrets of Thalumbra (all about the xpac not directly related to end-game progression)

That’s it for now. Enjoy the new xpac and check in every now on then to see if I made any changes.
Happy adventuring!

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