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Hello folks,

I must admit I have been enjoying writing about new xpac, Terrors of Thalumba, and I can only hope that these articles have been useful to you! I would also like to thank everyone on their support, feedback and mails I’ve been getting recently. It really warms my heart knowing that people care about the site and that gives me a damn good reason to work on it as much as possible. Sadly I don’t have as much time as I’d like collecting the data, hence the lack of information on some pages. I am really happy to share and be part of this great community and I try to do so whenever I can. However I stumbled into a bit of a road bump and I now I need help from fellow players. Namely, I’m looking for some in-game related data.

Treasure Hunt (Key Quest) rewards

Since armory tracker doesn’t show which items came out of those chests I have to compile the list manually. Unfortunately, I had little time to play recently, most of it I spent raiding. This gives me very little time to do my own daily stuff, much less to farm keys. Because of that Treasure Hunt loot table has been empty for the most part. What I need here is for players who’re doing key quest and unpacking and looting items to send me just two pieces of information, full item name and chest it came out of, plat or umbral. I’ve decided to not include items from gold chests as these can be easily farmed in adv solo zones.

Collections, locations and rewards

I’ve managed to finish most of the collections that I could find around instances and contested zones, however there are a few dozen that still elude me. As you may have noticed collection sections in Notable Loot and Secrets of Thalumbra guide is missing a big chunk of data, namely where some of the collections come from and what reward do they offer. What I need here is for players who finish these collections to send me following : what zone(s) can collections of these sets be found in and the list of items that these sets reward upon turning them in. List of the missing collectible sets and their rewards can be found in Secret of Thalumbra guide in the link bellow:

Where do I send this information?

Please use Contact form to send me data. If information is too long for the form, then please send a mail to ablivion followed by @ and then the domain address of this site (I apologize for complicating it, I don’t want bots to collect my mail and send me gazillion spam).

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  1. Hi

    I looted \aITEM -959353038 -670866433 0 0 0 2 999703444:[Golden Ring of Combat]\/a from Umbrite today.

    Does information like this help?
    I would love to help you with your site.
    This is the best reference for EQ2 that I’ve ever found.


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