New Feature: ToT Mission Timers

This feature was per request. In case you need to know when you can redo your missions without having to log in to check, you can always visit this site 🙂 Enjoy

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  1. yes fine and useful…. but what about the time zone of the connected user should manually translate and from where ? … PDT maybe ?

    but that’s right it’s giving a good approximation of the right moment (at least for the weekly missions)

    • Hey Armageddoux. Yes the timers reset at 7AM PDT. There is no need to manually set anything. Timers just count down hours and minutes until next 7AM PDT reset. Irrelevant of where you live, it will always show the same amount of time remaining, because missions reset at that exact time for everyone. This was tested and confirmed by me in EU (UTC +1), and guildies from the US (UTC -6) and Australia (UTC +10). The only exception to this could be non-US servers, if they use different time to reset missions, but I’m not aware that they do.

  2. So, one thing I came here to find out, is which quest was the daily for yesterday. The reason is, that I wasn’t able to do it and I want to delete it to get the current daily.

    Just a thought to add a “previous” capability.

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