Progress Report


Hello folks!

It has been almost four months since ToT came out and exploring it and writing about it has been a delightful experience for me. Several topics have been covered and nearly all of them all fully updated over the past few months.

Progression and Tradeskill pages for those who wish learn about new xpac contain everything you need to know about Thalumbra. Eventually, like with the previous xpac,  I will get around doing the articles for those wishing to learn how to gear up and prep for xpac’s adventuring content. Additionally, there’s a page for currently best available Consumables for end game progressions. For those who group, you may want to give it a read and see how you can improve your toon even further!

Class Optimization page is in sort of a liquid state, where I’m testing and updating the numbers accordingly. As stated in the notes of that article, some of the values suggested may be a bit off, but that is only because I’ve had little time to play some of my alts. Not to worry, all the data there is still solid for anyone to use. The catch lies in your own ability to tested these values on your characters and adjust them properly!

Nearly all of the Strategies for Heroic and Event Heroic zones are done! All of the strats are solid and tested over hundreds of times! This xpac I decided to include screenshots of detriments and buffs that come up in fight. This makes the strats more clear as these dets and buffs show informative texts when examined.

Unlike with previous xpac, Notable Loot article will include drops from Advanced Solos as well, considering some extremely good gear drops from those zones. The work on Raid Loot has only started and will take longer time to finish, due to very few reported items from many of the T2 and T3 names.

I decided to do continue the tradition of secrets of xpac guides. Secrets of Thalumbra will tell you about numerous achievements, where to find collections and how to participate in Treasure Hunt, aka Key Quests. Additionally you can find out what rewards for these key quests in Treasure Hunt loot table. Lastly, additional Infusion System guide will tell you all you need to know about new gear upgrade system.

As of few weeks ago this site now hosts a cool new feature which displays remaining times until weekly and daily reset, as well as what current and upcoming weeklies and dailies are, and where they take place! I hope you enjoy it!

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the people who helped me with certain pages, namely information about treasure hunt loot table! And as always, big thanks to Feldon and awesome job he’s doing and making  my job a lot easier!


Over the past few weeks I’ve been getting numerous mails about certain issues and I’d like to address them publicly in order to avoid forwarding my previous mails with answers.

Do you plan on doing The Master’s Chosen strat?

Yes. I’d ask for patience as that zone is long and dreadful to do, and to be honest I’ve been avoiding doing it most of the time. I already know the strats for the most part, but I’m still missing few crucial details.

Do you plan on doing contested zone strat?

Indeed, that zone is next on the list of articles to do, though it may take longer then others. There are 20 or so names in that zone.

Do you plan on doing any raid zone strats?

I’m planning on doing the X2 strat eventually, but right now it’s not on my priority list. I may eventually get around doing other raid strats, but I can’t promise anything.

I love the mission timer feature, can I get the code to use on my site?

Yes, if you want the code right now you can contact me and I’ll mail it to you. Right now it’s still crude and I’m trying to polish it. It was also written as WordPress plugin, but once polished I will publish the standalone version for use on any website, as well as the WP plugin.

Missing strategies & loot tables aside, do you plan on writing anything more about this xpac?

To be completely honest, I don’t think there’s any topic that I didn’t cover, but should something change I will of course work on it. I also appreciate feedback at any time, weather it’s pet on the back, criticism, or just typo correction!

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  1. As usual this site and all the information contained within continues to help with many aspects of the game I love. Please keep up the good work.

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