New Strat: Kralet Penumbra [Contested]

Second to last heroic zone strat is finally here. These fights are pretty generic and easily beatable, but if you’re having trouble killing certain names in here, this might help:  [ToT] Dungeons > Kralet Penumbra [Contested]. This now only leaves The Master’s Chosen, and that one is coming soon too!

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  1. You forgot to mark on the mobs that cast a fear that this fear can be avoided by killing the vile prison that spawns on a random player.

    • Hello there. I’m not exactly sure if you’re referring to a specific named mob, or just regular thrash mobs in the zone. If it’s just thrash, then I don’t think I’ll be adding them to the map, it’s already clustered with tons of names.

        • ok thank you. I will update it as soon as I get screenshot of that det. Having hard time getting it though, either healers in group are super effective or duration of it is extremely short :/
          No worries though, I’ll get it eventually. From what I can tell only those big husk, crab like mobs cause it, like epics and one in D wing, or one at the bottom of B wing.

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