EQ2 Library is a fan site dedicated to informing and helping out new, returning and existing players who’d like to learn how to set up their characters, run instances using solid strats, or keep an eye on up-to-date news and events for end-game progression.

I made this site primarily to help out people who, like myself, didn’t know where and how to start and prep for the actual ‘MMO’ aspect of this game. While there were numerous players out there and websites that helped me get started, it was a long, time consuming process which didn’t go so well on several occasions; mainly, lack of cohesion in guides, outdated information, etc.

What this site aims is to relay my own experience and understanding of the game and its mechanics to those in need. The information on this website is free for use and distribution however you see fit. It may not bee 100% accurate all the time, it may even be wrong at times (which of course I fix as soon as opportunity/solution presents itself), however it can serve as the starting point for laying down foundation of your own knowledge and character builds.

I hope you find this information useful and any feedback and criticism is always appreciated!