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Altar of Malice is no longer end-game content and all related material has been archived.

While consumables will not make you or brake you, they will give you an edge during runs. Please note that I will keep this list updated ONLY with end-game stuff.

Table of Contents

Food & Drink

Following food and drink is universal and is meant to be used by any heroic/raid character. For more specific, affordable food please visit Tradeskill Guide, Provisioner section.


Potions can be used by any class and they come from crafting. Elite pots require adventure level 100 to be used, while standard require only 96th. You can only have one active pot from each category (Elixirs, Essences, Remedies/Reprives) at a time, and each of them shares reuse speed with other pots from the same category!


Only usable by Assassins, Brigands, Rangers and Swashbucklers! Both elite and standard require adventure level of 96 to be used.

Temporal Adornments

Consumable & Usable Items

Malice Scrolls

Effect from these scrolls will stack in a group. However, single toon can activate only one of these at the time. This means a single player can’t activate two scrolls of malice (same or different effect doesn’t matter) at the same time, but all 6 members of the group can activate one of them and have all 6 of them stack. Merchant: Khadra (Phantom Sea, Kithicor Island); Cost: 40 Ferrin, 20p.