[AoM] Brokenskull Bay: Bosun’s Private Stock [Event Heroic]


  • Minimum arcane/elemental/noxious resist: 120k each
  • Recommended 2 healers


  • Harder ring event, takes about 20-30m to finish.
  • Name progression:
    • Garrut Berogg
    • Eggtender Varogg
    • Veerach the Vile
  • Eggtender Varogg Every few percent of names HP will spawn spiders. These little buggers can be a problem if lots of them spawns. Kill the adds and then go back to the name. If you keep burning name, one too many of these adds might spawn and even two healers won’t save you.
    You will also get forced detarget for 10s when adds swoop in. This is a HUGE problem for healers (no single target heals) and non-aoe tanks, as adds tend to go after whoever cast the last AoE.
  • Veerach the Vile encounter is initiated by person who clicks on Bosun Broogle fighting the big Urzarach. This person will also get a special hotbar, which will gain new spells to use during fight to cure otherwise incurable poison

Image of new hotbar: