[AoM] Castle Highhold [Heroic]



  • Minimum arcane/elemental/noxious resist: 120k each
  • Can be done with a well geared solo heal
  • Powerfeed recommended
  • Once you enter castle through inner courtyard, a quest is auto added to your journal with countdown of 8mins. If you successfully kill all Blackhand Loyalist inside the castle under 8 minutes you will receive an achievement “Turncoat Cutthroat“, rewards you Status Points and Ferrin.
  • Achievement: “Elemental executioner” – Land a deathblow on Shograh (3) with either cold or heat damage. Rewards Status Points and Ferrin.
  • Achievement: “The Fire is So Delightful” – Defeat Gudre Blackhand (5) without burning any tapestries. Rewards Status Points and Ferrin.


  • a : Opens the doors to inner courtyard
  • b : House item “Castle Highhold Chest“. Can be looted after you kill the last name.


(1) Woglok

(2) Va’tak Telaris

(3) Shograh

(4) Sa’Dax Senshali

(5) Gudre Blackhand