[AoM] Ssraeshza Temple: Taskmaster’s Echo [Event Heroic]


  • Minimum arcane/elemental/noxious resist: 130k each
  • Can be done with one moderately geared healer


  • Takes about ~30m to finish
  • Name progression:
    • Vaz’Din Sha’Kaz
    • Revenant Sha’Kaz
    • Echo of Mikhaza
  • Zone progression:
    • Clear the room of mobs
    • Vaz’Din Sha’Kaz will spawn in center of the room.
      • Fight is simple tank n spank.
      • Do not cure arcane detriments. If you cure it, the cured person will get a nasty class specific curse.
    • Destroy 4 Containment Rings in each corner of the inner chamber. Be ready for some hard healing, a lot of damage is reflected back at players.
    • Revenant Sha’Kaz will spawn in center of the room.
      • Fight is simple tank n spank with a twist.
      • Watch your increments in detriments window. If you get over 50 increments run away from the group. Increments will disappear but another detriment will appear, which soon starts blinking. When it expires you will get hit by huge AoE & get knocked back, along with anyone near you. Be warned, it may sometimes one shot anyone.
    • All the statues in the room will turn hostile and you’ll have to clear the area before final name appears. Make sure you’re away from the center of the room when you kill final trash mob.
    • Echo of Mikhaza (Epic x2) will spawn in center of the room.
      • Complicated and very scripted fight. Pay close attention to emote texts!
      • First designate one person who will do reprimand part of the fight (preferably the tank).
      • Name is not really problematic. It doesn’t knock back and doesn’t make you spike (much). So it’s a regular routine with mob turned away from the group. Should probably fight it in the middle.
      • Now pay close attention to main text. There are 3 messages that you have to watch for and react accordingly to counter them, otherwise the group’s in trouble:
        • In red following message will appear to each member of the group “You have been reprimanded“. Everyone in the group gets and incurable detriment. The designated player has to step into one of the tubes and wait for about 5 seconds. If more then one person steps into a tube, everyone in tubes will die instantly. So only one, previously designated, person will have to step into a tube. After about 5s waiting inside a tube, the incurable detriments becomes curable. Designated player should leave the tube immediately and the detriment must be cured.
        • In red following message will appear to each member of the group “<PlayerName> has been targeted” except one player who’ll get “You have been targeted“. This player must step into a tube before name stops casting “Moonbeam” spell. If the player who’s been called out doesn’t step into a tube he dies by the time name finishes casting.
        • A message in yellow text will appear saying that he’s calling for reinforcements. Each tube will suddenly have a red ring around it at the bottom. Each player must get into one of these tubes. By the time name finishes casting, for every tube which lacks a player in it, will spawn adds. Since there are a total of 8 tubes, if moved in time, you will at most get two adds.
        • IMPORTANT: It is possible that he will cast Reprimand and Moonbeam at the same time. At this point, the designated player for reprimand must hold off going into a tube. Moonbeam takes priority here, and selected person has to go into a tube, wait for him to finish casting, and only then can the reprimand be countered.
      • Name has lots of hitpoints, isn’t really a threat to the group. All you have to do is pay attention to text and counter it.