[AoM] Zavith’loa: The Hunt [Event Heroic]


  • Minimum arcane/elemental/noxious resist: 100k each
  • Can be done with one moderately geared healer


  • Easiest event heroic by far, takes about 15-20m to finish.
  • The ring events starts by clicking on the corpse of dead deinod which makes small raptors appear in weaves running towards the body.
  • If you don’t attack the raptors eventually they will consume the body and attack the group. If you survive this encounter you’re rewarded with an achievement “Compy Stomp“. Rewards Status Points and Ferrin.. Some people call this the hard mode. Note however that this doesn’t change the rest of the event. Other mobs and loot table remain the same. The ‘hard mode’ in question is only the ability to survive a very large amount of raptors, which attack you en mass once they consume the body of dead dino, and burn them extremely fast before the tank runs out of stoneskins.
  • If you can’t do the ‘hard mode’ then keep picking raptors as they appear.
  • Name progression:
    • The Unnamed Warrior
    • Scytheclaw & Boneskull
    • Littlefoot & Petri
    • Sharptooth & Maw
  • Except for the last encounter, all mobs and names in here are easy and straightforward with no special strategies
  • Last encounter is the pair “Maw” and “Sharptooth“. The trick with these two is to keep the both at around same health percentage. This means everyone targets through tank, and tank keeps switching between the two. If their health is too far apart they do some nasty stuff like AoE and spawn raptor adds.
  • Also if you keep tanking them between themselves, they’re gonna smash their heads together and get stunned for a while.