[FEoF] The Fabled Court of Innovation


  • Minimum arcane/elemental/noxious resist: 140k each
  • Can be done with a single well geared healer
  • Trauma detriment that tick every 3 seconds and deal up to 800k damage
  • Two daily timed mission, hard to achieve without a well geared group and acting fast
  • All the names must be killed in order to spawn last name


  • M : Clockwork Gate Lever – quest giver for daily zone mission
  • a : Timed mission “Mechnamagical Interception” starts when you click on the lever
  • b : Timed mission “Power Cell Power Down” starts automatically when you click one of the Force Shield Levers at the top of the spiral staircase designated by b


  • Daily mission “Disassembly Required
    • Start: Click “Clockwork Gate Lever” (M)
      • Kill: Master Clockwork Protocol (5)
    • Rewards 20k Status Points and 10 Ferrin
    • Daily timed mission “Mechnamagical Interception
    • Start: Kill “a mechnamagical interceptor” (a)
    • Time: 3m
    • Kill: 10 mechnamagical interceptors
    • Rewards 20k Status Points and 10 Ferrin
  • Daily timed mission “Power Cell Power Down
    • Start: Click on any of the “Force Shield Levers” (b)
    • Time: 3m to shut down force shield and destroy power cells, additional 3m after that to kill The Crimson Vanquisher (2)
    • Lever Dealing Tip: In order to shut down force shield, you have to arrange levers in correct order. If you hover your mouse over the power cells you’ll see a description like 0101 or 1100. What this means is that corresponding levers have to be placed in order where 0 is down and 1 is up. Fastest way to deal with this is to designate from either left or right levers in order 1,2,3,4. First click on 1 and 2. Then click 1,2,3 and 4. Now click 1 and 4. And finally click 1,2,3 and 4. This will effectively shut down all of the force fields, allowing you to destroy the 4 power generators and spawning The Crimson Vanquisher after.
    • Rewards 20k Status Points and 10 Ferrin


(1) Court Guardian Chromtoksss

(2) The Crimson Vanquisher

(3) King Klak’Anon

(4) King Klak’Anon the Mechnamaximus

(5) Master Clockwork Protocol