[RCC] F.S. Distillery: Stowaways [Event Heroic]&[Challenge]



  • Minimum arcane/elemental/noxious resist: 120k each
  • Normal: Can be done with a single healer
  • Challenge: Recommended two healers
  • Difference between normal & challenge: Both zones have exact same scripts. However due to amount of health and damage of mobs and names in challenge mode, it requires that you do the scripts properly.


  • M : Private Property sing – quest giver for daily zone mission
  • S : Quest starter for the weekly “22 Bottles of Rum on the Wall” quest


  • Daily mission “Private Property
    • Starts by clicking on the “Private Property!” sign (M)
    • Kill Fwump and Zaxfakump (3)
    • Rewards 20k Status Points and 10 Ferrin
  • Weekly mission “22 Bottles of Rum on the Wall
    • Starts by clicking on the blue bottle on the wall (S)
    • Collect bottles after defeating each named mob in the area (marked by green circles)
    • Rewards 35k Status Points, 45 Ferrin and Blue Malice Gemstone


(1) Oofgoof Doof

(2) Sir Wharfie

(3) Fwump & Zaxfalump