Progression, Stats, Itemization & Adorns

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Altar of Malice is no longer end-game content and all related material has been archived.

It’s that time of the year again, exciting new content, new type of gear, new dungeons and new adventure. While I haven’t had much chance to progress through AoM’s new content, I’m gonna list all topics I’ll go over in upcoming weeks, which will deal with all stuff new to this xpac.

  1. AoM questline progression
  2. Dungeons
  3. Itemization: Currency & Shards
  4. Adorns
  5. Stats
  6. Crafting

AoM: Questline progression & new zones

So what’s new?

Altar of Malice adds 3 new storylines, one for adventuring heroes and two for crafters:

It also adds two new major zones:

  • Tranquil Sea
  • Phantom Sea

Some of the major character changes:

  • Adventure and artisan level cap is raised to 100
  • Guild level cap is raised to 100
  • New guild amenities
  • New harvest tier 96-105
  • New adventure and tradeskill prestige AA trees have been added
  • New spells for lvls 96 through 100, including grandmaster and ancient tiers.
  • New Lore & Legend quest (for mastery skill): Allu’thoa and Urzarach

Adventure Timeline

This timeline starts by talking to one of two NPCs depending on your alignment:

  • Freeport aligned: Speak to Vimminy Crix by the East Freeport Mariner’s Bell ( -212, -56, 39 )
  • Qeynos aligned: Speak to Rosalina Goodfallow in Qeynos Harbor ( 943, -25, 26 )

The questline itself is quite simple and takes you all over the 2 new zones (Tranquil and Phantom Sea), including some Solo dungeons. To make it even easier, quest helper is available for all of the new quests. In case you get stuck, you can use above links to find required info.

Final reward is an awesome mount with quite a few stat bonuses, including arcane/elemental/noxious resistances which are now prioritized in this xpac: Indomitable Pteranodon.

And also one quite useful gadget: Adornment Reclamation.

Along these two awesome rewards, along the journey you’ll also accumulate a buttload of status points and as always tons of house furniture.

Crafting Timeline

Nothing special with this timeline either. Just a series of quests which require you to craft quest items and/or travel to certain locations and talk to certain NPCs. It starts by reading a letter you receive after you log in (after successful AoM purchase of course), informing you of development in new zones. Click accept and off to Tranquil Sea you go.

From the TS questline you’ll get about 1.8 lvls, which means you’ll have to grind rush orders until you max crafting. Unfortunately 96+ ts lvls have ridiculous xp requirement. It took me over 100 rush orders to get the last few levels. Potion of progress is a nice way to speed things up. In addition to regular coin rewards, your disposition with Far Seas Trading Company will increase and you’ll ear a few company tokens (currency used to buy stuff from FSTC vendors and fuel merchants).

In total, following materials are needed to do this questline (assuming you don’t fail while crafting and consume some of the mats/fuels):


  • 3 cadmium ore
  • 15 hylocereus fruit
  • 6 iodocus cluster
  • 8 larix lumber
  • 11 leonid root
  • 17 sulfur fruit
  • 2 uncut tourmaline


  • 5 Effulgent Candle
  • 1 Effulgent Coal
  • 7 Effulgent Incense
  • 6 Effulgent Kindling
  • 5 Effulgent Sandpaper

Doing a part of the questline will unlock repeatable quests:

  • Daily: Talk to Skrit at ( 1224, 17, 1263 ) in Tranquil Sea
  • Weekly: Talk to Quartermaster Roberta Robbins at ( 625, 351, 178 ) in Phantom Sea

One of the rewards from this questline is: Mark of the Far Seas

Shipwrecked Timeline

This is somewhat unique timeline. It starts from lvl 5 quest and slowly progresses through to 100. Maxed out crafters will have no trouble doing this whole timeline under 1 hour. It starts by reading a letter you receive after you log in (after successful AoM purchase of course). The mail will also contain a house item. Place this item in any house (can’t be placed in guild hall) and click on it to open a dialog window. Click on the first dialogue option to be transported to an abandoned island where this questline begins.

In total, following materials are needed to do this questline(assuming you don’t fail while crafting and consume some of the mats/fuels):


  • 1 Aduki Bean
  • 5 Aviak Meat
  • 1 Belladonna Root
  • 5 Beryllium Cluster
  • 1 Boiled Leather Pelt
  • 1 Cabilis Cocoa Bean
  • 1 Caynar Nut
  • 1 Feyiron Cluster
  • 1 Gold Cluster
  • 1 Hylocereus Fruit
  • 2 Lapis Lazuli Fragment
  • 1 Lapsang Tea Leaf
  • 1 Linchenclover Root
  • 1 Marr Cherry
  • 2 Matoppie Root
  • 1 Plump Lychee
  • 5 Ravasect Meat
  • 1 Raw Cranberry
  • 1 Rough Opaline
  • 5 Soluble Loam
  • 1 Squash
  • 5 Succulent Root
  • 1 Sulfur Fruit
  • 1 Velium Cluster


  • 1 Basic Coal
  • 1 Effulgent Candle
  • 2 Ethereal Candle
  • 1 Glimmering Coal
  • 20 Lambent Coal
  • 1 Scintillating Candle
  • 1 Smoldering Candle
  • 2 Sparkling Filament

While doing the quests you’ll receive recipes for some unique items which are useful at any level. In addition to that you will also be able to hire Raffik as a fury mercenary.

Tips, hints and suggestions

  • Each questline is worth doing for various reason. The quest mount is at the moment the best “free” mount you’ll get
  • While new zones have over hundred quests in total, not all are required to progress through the main storyline
  • If you think you’re up for it, try running advanced solo version of required dungeons instead of solo. Rewards are well worth a bit of your time and patience
  • Lots of object triggered, daily repeatable, quests which reward platinum, Far Seas Ferrin and a lot of status points (about 5.5k SP each). Finishing these quests for the first time also rewards an achievement and one time 30k SP
  • Attaining exploration achievements also rewards about 30k SP
  • You can get weekly/daily dungeon missions without starting/finishing the storyline, but you will need to be at least lvl 98

AoM: Dungeons

New types of dungeons

AoM introduces two new types of dungeons, Solo and Event Heroic. Solo dungeons are much easier then their Advanced Solo counterparts and are intended for players whose gear lacks requirements of new xpacs (mainly resistances but other stats as well). Event heroics encompass ring events intended for quick zone runs.

Difficulty legend

  • Easy
  • Medium
  • Hard
  • Opening a can of whoopass

Note that difficulty used are for intended audience. For example an easy advanced solo and an easy heroic dungeon does not mean they’re equally easy. Players with quest/solo gear will find easy advanced solo quick and fast to run, while an easy heroic will be much much more difficult to run with such gear setup.

Solo dungeons

  • Zavith’loa: The Hidden Caldera
  • Brokenskull Bay: Bilgewater Falls
  • Ossuary: Resonance of Malice
  • Castle Highhold
  • Ssraeshza Temple

Advanced Solo dungeons

  • Zavith’loa: The Lost Caverns
  • Zavith’loa: The Hidden Caldera
  • Brokenskull Bay: Bilgewater Falls
  • Ossuary: Resonance of Malice
  • Castle Highhold
  • Ssraeshza Temple

Heroic dungeons

  • Zavith’loa: The Lost Caverns
  • Zavith’loa: The Hidden Caldera
  • Brokenskull Bay: Bilgewater Falls
  • Brokenskull Bay: Hoist the Yellow Jack
  • Ossuary: Resonance of Malice
  • Castle Highhold
  • Ssraeshza Temple
  • Castle Highhold: Thresinet’s Den
  • Ssraeshza Temple: Inner Sanctum
  • Ossuary: Sanguine Fountains

Event Heroic dungeons

  • Zavith’loa: The Hunt
  • Brokenskull Bay: Bosun’s Private Stock
  • Castle Highhold: Insider Treachery
  • Ssraeshza Temple: Taskmaster’s Echo
  • Ossuary: Choir of T’Vyl

Contested dungeons

  • Brokenskull Bay: The Pirate’s Cove [Contested] — Level 95-98
  • Ossuary of Malevolence [Contested] — Level 99-100


  • Zavith’Loa: The Molten Pools
  • Brokenskull Bay: Fury of the Cursed
  • Castle Highhold: No Quarter
  • Temple of Ssraeshza: Echoes of Time
  • Ossuary: Cathedral of Bones
  • Ossuary: Altar of Malice
  • Precipice of Power (new Altar of Malice Avatar fights)

Difficulty has been omitted from raids for obvious reasons… They’re all hard.

Tips, hints and suggestions

  • When running new stuff for the first time, try running advanced solo instead of solo version. Solo version drops are on par with quest gear, while advanced solo armor is upgradable!
  • Your aim is to have as much arcane/elemental/noxius resistance as possible. Make sure to at least buy handcrafted jewelry (96+) and have over 100k of each resistance stat
  • Due to high arcane/elemental/noxious damage done by mobs, some instances require two healers, and some can be done with one moderately geared healer.

AoM: Itemization

AoM is heavily built on ToV type of itemization. This includes armor types, armor upgrades, adorning and currency/shard exchanges.


Main currency (like Etyma was in ToV) of this new xpac is Far Seas Ferrin

Ferrin can be acquired from following:

  • Collection set: 3
  • Object triggered zone quest: 3
  • Zone Weekly Mission: 15
  • Solo Mission: 3
  • Advanced Solo Mission: 3
  • Event Heroic Mission: 10
  • Heroic Mission: 15
  • Daily Adv Solo Mission: 3
  • Daily Event Heroic Mission: 10
  • Daily Heroic Mission: 15
  • Adv Solo Weekly Mission: 15
  • Weekly Event Heroic Mission: 25
  • Weekly Heroic Mission: 45
  • Weekly Heroic Contested Mission: 45
  • Weekly Raid Mission: 65

Second currency used in this xpac is Far Seas Trading Company Token

Tokens can be acquired from following:

  • TS questline, each quest rewards: 5
  • TS daily: 5
  • TS weekly: 15

Note that there’s also a low level questline for Far Seas Trading Company which rewards a lot of these tokens as well. However it is not part of this expansion, so I will not list all quests which reward tokens upon completion. Consult wiki or zam for more info about this.

Armor, Shards

As I mentioned before, itemization is built on ToV system. It’s based on several tiers of armor which can be upgraded, adorned, exchanged, etc. Like in ToV there are 3 tiers of heroic gear, though unlike in ToV name of armor are unique and based on type of stats they have. But principle is still same:

  • Armor tier I: yellow
  • Armor tier II: blue
  • Armor tier III: green
  • Raid Armor tier I: red
  • Raid Armor tier II: purple

Here’s an example of each tier of armor:

Another similarity to ToV is possibility of armor exchange. Say that you have a tank speced toon and yet you keep getting dps gear. This gear can then be transformed into various shards using Malice Gem Shard Cannibalizer which can be exchange for an armor piece of your own choosing. Each tier gives a specific shard (ie: yellow armor gives Yellow Malice Shard):

Each armor piece costs specific amount of these shards:

  • Head: 30
  • Shoulders: 20
  • Chest: 40
  • Forearms: 10
  • Hands: 20
  • Legs: 30
  • Feet: 20

Gemstones, Conversion stones

Each of these armors is upgradable with malice gemstones. Here’s an example of before-and-after of one of these upgraded armors:

Original drop: Ardent Phantom Chain Helm (0/4)
Fully upgraded drop with 4 yellow malice gemstones: Ardent Phantom Chain Helm (4/4)

First tier of armor is upgraded with yellow gemstones, second with blue and third with green. These gemstones are:

Another cool feature copied from ToV are conversion stones. These stones are used on fully gemmed armor to convert them into Malice gemstone of higher tier. For example a 4/4 yellow armor piece will yield 1 blue malice gemstone:

Ferrin Merchant

All of this stuff can be bought from Khandra, Ferrin Merchant in Phantom Sea:

  • Yellow Malice Gemstone : 9 Ferrin, 7p, 50g
  • Yellow Malice Conversion Stone : 18 Ferrin, 7p, 50g
  • Blue Malice Gemstone : 45 Ferrin, 24p
  • Blue Malice Conversion Stone : 40 Ferrin, 24p
  • Green Malice Gemstone : 200 Ferrin, 45p
  • Green Malice Conversion Stone : 450 Ferrin, 90p

Tips, hints and suggestions

  • When using Conversion Gemstone, the armor in question will be destroyed; you’ll get one gemstone of higher tier back, along with all the adornments that armor had in it.
  • Using a gemstone on a reforged piece of armor will reset the armor stats back to it’s original form, meaning you will have to reforge it again
  • Using a gemstone on an armor piece increases it’s blue and green stats by ~5%
  • When using Malice Canniablizer, you’ll receive various amounts of shards. For example, forearms will give you one shard, shoulders piece will give you two, etc…

AoM: Adornments

White adornments

As the level cap has been raised, so has the adornment skill cap. At TS level of 100 your adorn skill cap will increase to 500. Once maxed, you’ll be able to scribe new set of recipes for white adorns. The new adorn tier is named incandescent. These new adorns are significantly more powerful then their astral predecessors. The gear from AoM also has one white adorn slot, so the balance of power and stat boosting is still maintained.

Purple adornments

Though purple adorn slots are kept from ToV, the purple adorns from new xpac come with a small twist. Each adorn is also part of a set. This means that applying more than one adornment of the same type will provide a bonus effect:


Purple adorns can be bought from Khandra, Ferrin Merchant in Phantom Sea for 45 Far Seas Ferrin each, except the Fighter’s Potency which costs 75.

There are 4 tier of armor runes, however each rune doesn’t necessarily have all 4 tiers:

Purle War Runes (primary, secondary, ranged, belt and cloak slot) have all been kept from ToV, but have been increased in effects. They can only be acquired through crafting; recipes come from Tradeskill Apprentices. Please consult this AOM Tradeskill chapter for more details.

AoM: Stats

Resistances and Physical Mitigation

Physical Mitigation and Resists have been significantly affected. You’ll need a substantial amount of these stats to survive the harder expansion content. A significant importance has been put on arcane/elemental/noxious resist stats. I’ve ran a few easier to medium heroic zones on my swashy with 100k resistances without struggling much, but for harder stuff at least 120k of each is required. Otherwise you get squashed pretty fast by zone wide AoEs and ridiculous magic damage output by mobs and names.

Physical Mitigation table:


Magical Mitigation table:


Critical Chance

Mobs in Altar of Malice will not be using Crit Avoidance and instead, Crit Chance will add additional critical types! Yaaay! No more CC rat race!

A Legendary Critical hit takes the damage you would have had with a normal one and increases it by 25%.
A Fabled Critical hit takes the damage you would have had with a normal one and increases it by 100%.
A Mythical Critical hit takes the damage you would have done with a normal one and increases it by 300%.

At 100% CC, you will have a 1% chance to get a Legendary critical hit.
At 500% CC, you will have a 1% chance to get a Fabled critical hit.
At 700% CC, you’ll have a very small chance to get a Mythical critical hit.

These CC types will work on anything that can critically apply – damage, heals, wards and taunts.

Other stats

As for specific stats and class orientation, please consult Class Optimization page for relevant details. It has now been fully updated with AOM softcaps and class specific recommendations/requirements.

AoM: Crafting

Detailed TS guide: AOM Tradeskill

This is one part of xpac that vastly differs from ToV. Crafting has been resurrected, so to speak, and is now a huge part of the game. This xpac introduces 11th tier (96-100) of crafted gear. I won’t list here what crafted stuff is introduced, but will focus on some key points in this segment of the game.

Food & Drinks

Food and drink buffs have been OPed. As such they now serve as part of the gear itself. Having and auto consuming the handcrafted food should now be a norm.


As I mentioned previously in this thread, resistances are one of, if not the THE most important part of the harder content. Resistance stats can be found on jewelry: rings, wrists and ear pieces. HC jewelry gives about 16.5k to all resistances each. A full set of this jewelry should give you about ~100k of each, which is good for easy to medium dungeons. A full set of MC gear gives ~120k total of each resistance. This is good enough for harder content.


Seems procs have now become a regular feature of this game. Each and every crafted jewelry piece, HC and MC, have procs. Make sure you not only gear up for stats but procs as well. For example there are several pieces of melee jewelry which add tons of potency and can hold several increments at a time. This for example is perfect for casters who like to melee or scouts who depend more on potency then weapon damage bonus to deliver high DPS output.

Apprentice Recipes

Once you max TS lvl, your apprentice will offer several dozen new recipes. However all of them are recipes for purple war runes (used in weapon, belt and clock slots). The war runes aren’t new themselves. They were regular drops from patterns in ToV dungeons, but all of them are now craftable (provided you research/scribe the recipe first)

Mysterious Crystals

AoM introduces new TS prestige tree. The first AA on this new list is called Far Seas Harvest Technique. It costs 1 point and must be selected in order to unlock all other prestige TS AAs of this new tree. This gives you the ability to harvest special rare items from high level harvesting nodes.

This means you will be able to see “a mysterious crystal” node in Tranquil Sea and Phantom Sea. They can’t be tracked, so you will have to keep an eye for a special harvest node with redish particle effect.

These charms are super useful. They however can’t be experimented on, and mats can’t be refined to yield better stats. They are crafted and used as they are. Never the less, the procs on them make them by far one of the best items in game so far. Not to mention that they sell at ridiculous price!

Tips, hints and suggestions

  • Crafted gear can’t be reforged. So when getting a set of this gear make sure you pick the right gear for a balanced stat set up
  • If there’s a possibility to refine mats before crafting then definitely do so. It’s well worth it, as blue and green stats will be ~10% higher
  • When planning on experimenting, bear in mind the diminishing return on experimenting on the same stats. (For example if you keep experimenting on say Attack Speed of a certain item, first time you experiment you will be able to boost it by 10%. Next time you’ll only be able to boost it by 5%, then by 2.5%, etc.)
  • It’s wise to have “Seasoned Experimentation” (+5% experimental progress) TS prestige AA in case you decide to go with experimenting TS prestige tree. Experimenting is hard, long and very risky process (you will lose the item you’re experimenting on if you fail). This make it even more riskier if you’re experimenting on MC gear which requires expensive rares.