Ascension System


Ascension Forms

Once you complete Kunark Ascending signature timeline you will be able to speak to ascension trainers to gain an ascension form. You will be able to choose between four forms, and although you may choose to gain and level up all four, you will only be able to have one form active at a time. To change the form you will have to go back to desired ascension trainer and switch back and forth between the ascension forms.

There are four different ascension forms (classes). When you gain new form, you will also gain ability to “maintain” avatar of that form, which will give you a boost to your potency as well as convert damage type of all your damaging abilities to certain type:

  • Elementalist – converts damage of your abilities into COLD damage
  • Etherealist – converts damage of your abilities into MAGIC damage
  • Geomancer – converts damage of your abilities into CRUSHING damage
  • Thaumaturgist – converts damage of your abilities into DISEASE damage

IMPORTANT: Abilities that deal melee damage are only affected by your weapon damage type and are not affected by ascension class damage type conversion. If you wish to change these abilities to do corresponding damage, you will have to use old infusions of cold/magic/disease.

Leveling Up

Once you gain an ascension form, you will be able to speak to your ascension trainer once a day to receive Guided Ascension scroll. When used, the scroll will give you 500.000xp conversion experience, 600.000 if you’re a subscriber. You can use multiple scrolls at once, but be careful, your conversion XP will cap at 7 million. When you pick up Guided Ascension, you will have to wait 22h before your trainer will offer you next one. Although you can receive only one ascension scroll a day, you can stack them and use them all in one day. Additionally, you will gain conversion XP over time. Each hour you will gain 20.500 conversion XP, giving you 492.000 conversion XP every 24h. You don’t have to be logged in to gain this, it works much like vitality, you gain it no matter what you’re doing (or not doing). Much like tithe, by gaining regular XP, you will convert part of that experience into Ascension XP. Whenever you gain regular XP, your conversion XP will decrease by that much. Once your conversion XP reaches 0, no more XP wil be converted and you will have to wait until it fills on it’s own or consume a scroll. After you max out each level, you will have to back to your trainer and speak to them to be able to continue converting XP.

Leveling up each form gradually becomes easier. When you max out an ascension class, you will receiver higher amount of ascenions XP from scrolls and per hour.

Experience levels and requirements

Level XP Difference XP Total
Level 1 to 2 3 million XP 3 million XP
Level 2 to 3 5 million XP 8 million XP
Level 3 to 4 8.2 million XP 16.2 million XP
Level 4 to 5 13 million XP 29.2 million XP
Level 5 to 6 13.2 million XP 42.4 million XP
Level 6 to 7 13.4 million XP 55.8 million XP
Level 7 to 8 13.6 million XP 69.4 million XP
Level 8 to 9 13.8 million XP 83.2 million XP
Level 9 to 10 14 million XP 95.2 million XP

Maxing Ascensions and gained experience

Number of maxed ascension classes Ascension XP per hour
Ascension XP from a single scroll
None 20.500 600.000
1 46.500 1.100.000
2 65.600 1.600.000
3 86.500 2.100.000


To gain new ascension form or change existing one, you can talk to following trainers, all located in Obulus Frontier:

  • The Elementalist Master is Najena in the Crusaders of Greenmist Cave (/way 785, 230, 1000 )
  • The Etherealist Master is Miragul in Nye’Caelona (/way -381, 19, -558 )
  • The Geomancer Master is Aranolth Tol’Ren in Nye’Caelona (/way -227, 92, -234 )
  • The Thaumaturgist Master is Chosooth in the Crusaders of Greenmist Cave (/way 669, 253, 1418 )


Each ascension from will grant you up to 11 abilities, 8 combat abilities and 3 versions of ascension avatars. Each ability will be granted to you as you gain appropriate level of that form. Much like combat arts and spells, it can be upgraded through tiers. Unlike other abilities though, upgrading them is restricted by requirements of having previous tier of that ability. What this means is that you can not upgrade an expert ability directly to grandmaster, without previously scribbing master tier of that ability. Current tier of ascension abilities are:

  1. Apprentice
  2. Journeyman
  3. Adept
  4. Expert
  5. Master
  6. Grandmaster
  7. Ancient

There are two ways of upgrading ascension abilities, just like the regular ones. They can either be researched in your ability research tab, or by scribbing ability scrolls. Like regular abilities certain tradeskill classes can scribe the recipes and craft appropriate ability scrolls. Currently these abilities are crafted by:

  • Alchemist: Thaumaturgist spells
  • Jeweler: Geomancer spells
  • Sage: Elementalist and Etherialist spells

Recipes required to craft these can be purchased from Scribbleclaw <Bloody Tooth Merchant> in Obulus Frontier (/way 76, -165, -722), once you’ve completed big portion of KA Tradeskill timeline and acquired enough faction with Bloody Tooth clan. Essentials recipes contain Journeyman tier recipes and cost 2 Sovereign of Rile and require +20k faction with Bloody Tooth Clan, while advanced recipes contain Expert, Grandmaster and Ancient tier recipes and cost Sovereign of Rile and require +30k faction with Bloody Tooth Clan.

Ascension Class Specific Abilities
Elementalist Avatar Forms Elementalist Spells
[ 1 ] Elemental Conduit
[ 5 ] Elemental Personification
[ 10 ] Elemental Avatar
[ 2 ] Wildfire
[ 3 ] Thermal Depletion
[ 4 ] Scorched Earth
[ 6 ] Bulwark of Rime
[ 7 ] Brittle Armor
[ 8 ] Glacial Freeze
[ 9 ] Frozen Heavens
[ 10 ] Elemental Amalgamation
Etherialist Avatar Forms Etherialist Spells
[ 1 ] Facet of the Etherlord
[ 5 ] Aspect of Etherlord
[ 10 ] Etherlord
[ 2 ] Levinbolt
[ 3 ] Etherflash
[ 4 ] Ethereal Conduit
[ 6 ] Ethershadow Assassin
[ 7 ] Siphoned Fervor
[ 8 ] Implosion
[ 9 ] Cascading Force
[ 10 ] Ethermancy
Geomancer Avatar Forms Geomancer Spells
[ 1 ] Binding of Stone
[ 5 ] Accord of Stone
[ 10 ] Union of Stone
[ 2 ] Stone Hammer
[ 3 ] Terrene Destruction
[ 4 ] Terrestrial Coffin
[ 6 ] Mudslide
[ 7 ] Obsidian Mind
[ 8 ] Telluric Rending
[ 9 ] Erosion
[ 10 ] Granite Protector
Thaumaturgist Avatar Forms Thaumaturgist Spells
[ 1 ] Sanguine Encasement
[ 5 ] Sanguine Shelter
[ 10 ] Sanguine Embrace
[ 2 ] Septic Strike
[ 3 ] Toxic Life
[ 4 ] Withering
[ 6 ] Virulent Outbreak
[ 7 ] Necrotic Caress
[ 8 ] Blood Contract
[ 9 ] Tainted Mutation
[ 10 ] Revocation of Life

Mastering Ascension

Mastering (achieving level 10) any of the ascension forms will reward you an earring which grants bonuses to that classes ascension abilities:

Mastering all four ascension abilities will grant you a very powerful item, a greater relic charm: