Harvesting Guide

Harvesting is a general skill which can be used by any class or race at any given level. This skill gives players the ability to obtain crafting materials from resource nodes found in every overland zone in the game. As such it is a directly related to crafting skill, which utilizes these materials for production purposes. There are 5 different skills used to harvest nodes: gathering, foresting, mining, trapping and fishing.

While you can harvest high tier nodes at any harvesting skill level, it will however be hard to produce anything if your skill isn’t high enough for that node and it will be impossible to get a rare from that node until you maxed harvesting skill for that tier. For example, an AOM resource node is tier 11. Tier 11 represents nodes from 95-100. Max skill level is determined by multiplying max tier level by 5. This means to harvest rares from Tier 11 nodes, your harvesting skill(s) need to be 500. Each node can be harvested successfully a maximum of 3 times. Should you fail to harvest anything, this counter will not decrees. You can continue harvesting that node until you fetched something out of it the 3rd time.

Additionally, there’s another skill called transmuting. While this is not considered a harvesting skill, it is however used to obtain unique crafting materials for crafting various adornments. Because of that, these resources will also be included in this list.

Refining is yet another skill, which while not a harvesting skill will still produce, or better reproduce your rare materials. Every regular rare material can be refined into a purified version of itself. These materials when used in crafting will boost stats on your armor, weapons and jewelry. While all rares can be purified, it’s important to note, that only armor, weapons and jewelry can receive benefits from this. Using a purified rare to craft potion or master spell will not affect produced item! This skill can only be utilized by those who chose Refining tree in their Tradeskill Prestige AA.

Finally salvaging, a skill that has nothing to do with harvesting, but still produces crafting materials. Like refining, it’s Tradeskill Prestige AA, which allows you to salvage gear and items in return for materials.


Harvesting Gear & Equipment

Following is the list of gear and equipment used to boost your harvesting skills. Some of it is acquired through purchase from vendors, some crafted and some quested.




Isle of Mara daily TS group mission
These mission become available for high level artisans and can be picked from Madria Valas at Isle of Mara at /waypoint -86, 2, 104. Once you finish the mission in one of the 4 zones, you’ll receive either exquisite or ornate chest with number of items in it.


Koros Splinterlimb, Isle of Mara, at /waypoint -92, -2, 103 – (A, F)


  • A – alternate currency used for purchase
  • F – faction required to purchase
  • T – reduces time of harvesting

Bountiful Harvest

Bountiful Harvest is unique stat listed in your character window under Tradeskill category. It defines a chance to harvest extra materials. This means for each successful harvest, there’s a chance you will harvest additional time and receive additional materials. It doesn’t actually harvest one more time time, but gives you additional materials instantly, should you role a successful bountiful harvest roll. This stats is very useful when you’re farming crafting materials and want to harvest as much as possible. To increase this stat, there are a couple of item that can be used/utilized/consumed.



Rare Chance

This stat also shows up in your character window under Tradeskill category. It defines a chance to harvest the rare material from the nodes. Following items can boost this stat:


* – despite its name (which refers to another stat) this item will actually boost rare chance instead of extra harvest chance

Resource Nodes & Crafting Materials

Following is the list of all regular and rare materials that can be harvested from numerous nodes found throughout overland zones. These nodes also have small chance to give imbuing material, used for imbuing certain gear; promordial fragments, used for crafting adornments and/or spellshards and foundations, used for creating Grandmaster spell books.

Unique Crafting Materials



  • A – alternate currency used for purchase
  • F – faction required to purchase
  • T – reduces time of harvesting

Desert of Flames

Kingdom of Sky

Echoes of Faydwer

Rise of Kunark

Sentinels Fate

The Shadow Oddessy

Destiny of Velious


Chains of Ethernity

Cobalt Scar

Tears of Veeshan

Altar of Malice

Altar of Malice has one unique crafting material, Essence of War. It can be harvested from a unique node that spawns only in Phantom and Tranquil Sea. The only way to see this node is to have “Far Seas Harvest Technique” AA selected from new Far Seas Tradeskill Prestige Tree. The node is named “a mysterious crystal” and has red particle effects and appears completely randomly. It is also not possible to track this node. The only other way to obtain it is to kill Perador the Mighty in Zavith’loa: The Molten Pools [Raid].

Terrors of Thalumbra

Kunark Ascending

Seasonal (Festival) Crafting Materials

Seasonal materials refers to materials which can be harvested only during certain period of time in a year, when certain world event is in progress. These are yearly in-game festivals which involve crafting and special materials used for them. These materials come from special nodes available in only certain areas.


The festival occurs annually in March. Crafting materials come from special node called Bountiful Brewday Garden, which can be found in Antonica, The Commonlands, Greater Faydark, Darklight Wood, Timorous Deep Frostfang Sea. In order to see these nodes you need to be wearing wearing the Ale Goggles or Improved Ale Goggles. These are received during the quest Ale Goggles.

Brewday crafting materials:

Bristlebane Day

Bristlebane starts late in march. Special nodes, Jester’s gardens, appear in Antonica, Commonlands, Darklight Wood, Frostfang Sea, Greater Faydark and Timorous Deep. They provide following materials:

Erollisi Day

This festival takes place during February. Unlike majority of materials, these ones are not harvested. Instead they’re acquired through adventuring. They come as a common drop from certain type of mobs. For example, aviak love note drops from aviak type creatures, and centaur hard candy drops from centaurs, etc. There are two kinds of materials, love notes and hard candy. Both seem to represent a singular type of crafting material any of them can be used for crafting Erollisi Day furniture.


Frostfell starts in mid December and ends early in January. Materials for Frostfell recipes can be only be harvested in Frostell Wonderland Village from one of 3 unique nodes that look like presents. Each node has its own table of materials.

Nights of the Dead

This festival takes place during October. Unlike majority of materials, these ones are not harvested. Instead they’re acquired through adventuring. They come as a common drop from certain type of mobs

Drop Mob Drop Mob Drop Mob
Candy Corn Cubes and Flesh Feeders Fudge Spectres, Holgresh Lollipop Scarecrows
Caramels Snakes Green Chocolate Buttons Lamia Marshmallows Ghosts
Cherry Gumdrops Gorgers Gum Ball Gremlins Nutty Chocolate Bar Golems
Chewing Gum Vampires Gumdrops Bats Peanut Brittle Skeletons
Chocolate Buttons Goblins Gummy Worms Ghouls and Zombies Popcorn Ball Spinechillers
Chocolate Bar Scorpions Jawbreaker Gargoyles Red Licorice Nightbloods
Cotton Candy Mummies Jelly Beans Rats Taffy Devourers
Cupcake Wolves Licorice Candy Shadowed Men Were Cupcake Werewolves and Wolves
Fruit Flavored Hard Candy Harpies Licorice Rope Spiders


Tinkerfest starts mid July and there’s only one crafting material that appears during this festival. Shiny Tinkerfest Cog can be gathered from nodes that appear in each city in certain areas and at Gnomish Headquarters in Steamfont Mountains. Nodes look like cogs and can be tracked. They appear as shinies with “!” above them.

Transmuting Materials & Salvaging

Transmuting materials come from using the secondary general skill called Transmuting. This skill is automatically given to new toons and can be used from level one. However, it requires leveling up in order to transmute higher level items. You can only transmute an item if your transmuting skill is equal to 5 times the level of item. For example to transmute an item that is level 5, your transmuting skill would need to be at least 25. Only certain type of gear can be transmuted, and that’s gear gear and spell books. Further requirement is that these items have following quality tier: Treasured, Legendary, Mastercrafted, Fabled, Ethereal or Mythical. There are 4 different materials for each tier, though some come from transmuting higher quality tiers of gear:

  • Fragment (Treasured or higher quality)
  • Powder (Treasured or higher quality)
  • Infusion (Legendary or higher quality)
  • Mana (Fabled or higher quality)

Transmuting materials

Tier I Tier II Tier III Tier IV
Fragment Lapis Lazuli Fragment Coral Fragment Jasper Fragment Opal Fragment
Powder Ulteran Powder Aether Powder Phantom Powder Ethereal Powder
Infusion Infusion of Earth Infusion of Air Infusion of Fire Infusion of Water
Mana Refined Mana Processed Mana Clarified Mana Purified Mana
Tier V
Tier VI
Tier VII Tier VIII
Fragment Ruby Fragment Pearl Fragment Lunar Fragment Emerald Fragment
Powder Spectral Powder Vision Powder Illusionary Powder Sacred Powder
Infusion Infusion of Nightmares Infusion of Daydreams Infusion of Illusion Infusion of Reality
Mana Natural Mana Coalesced Mana Hardened Mana Crystallized Mana
Tier IX Tier X Tier XI
Fragment Underfoot Fragment Frozen Fragment Luminous Fragment
Powder Void Powder Frozen Powder Luminous Powder
Infusion Infusion of Void Infusion of Ice Infusion of Scale
Mana Distilled Mana Frozen Mana Polished Mana


Salvaging is an AA which can be chosen in Prestige Tradeskill tree. You can only salvage gear (armor, weapons, jewelery). While there are no quality tier requirements for the gear, higher the tier of quality better are results. Salvaging gear you don’t need can result in either a bundle of regular crafting materials or a couple rare materials, of the same tier as the gear you salvaged.

There is one exception to this skill. In AoM, a new crafting material was introduced, which is used in crafting certain purple adornments. It’s called Transcendent Quintessence. The only way to acquire this item through salvaging lvl 96-100 gear. It is an extremely rare material. By my own estimates (based on the result of muting numerous junk gear over period of almost 1 year), it takes approximately 150 to 200 handcrafted, 100-150 Treasured, 50-100 legendary, 20-30 fabled salvaged to get one quintessence.

Terrors of Thalumbra expansion adds additional mats that can be only acquired by salvaging level 100 ToT, Zek & Fabled Dynasty gear with infusable flag. There are 3 different mats:

Kunark Ascending expansion adds additional mats that can be only acquired by salvaging level 100 KA gear with infusable flag. There are 3 different mats: