Infusion System

What is infusion system?


Infusing gear represents new and permanent way to upgrade gear introduced in Terrors of Thalumbra expansion. Since this xpac went live all the gear that drops in new zones has been flagged as INFUSABLE. This means that each piece flagged as such will allow you to use infusers on them to increase value of certain attributes and blue stats. This way of upgrading gear is permanent and does not affect other forms of gear manipulation like refining, experimenting, adorning and reforging.

The gear that drops or is rewarded through mission reward crates always comes with a small amount of randomly preinfused stats, so you may stumble upon two items of same name that have different stats that have not been infused by player beforehand. The original value of those stats is the same though and is shown as white number in parenthesis just before the infused value of those stats.

Through infusion you can upgrade only fours stats: Potency, Crit Bonus, Stamina and Ability Modifier. When upgrading gear you should also keep in mind that all the gear has crit bonus, pot and STA, but not all gear comes with Abil Mod. Which means, even if you reforge into Abil Mod, you will still not be able to infuse abil mod as it’s not base stat (does not come originally on that specific piece of gear). On the other hand infusing gear with all four stats additionally costs more, then just with three.

For example, item pictured on the right shows (+737)+738 sta. This means that base value of stamina on this item is 737 (white number), while additional 1 stamina (green number) means this item has been infused and gained 1 stamina in process.

Infusion window

To open infusion system window you can:

  • Select EQ2 menu and choose Infusion from the list
  • Use command: /toggleinfusion
  • Unequip and right click on a piece of geared flagged as INFUSABLE and select infuse
  • Additionally you can use infusers like adornments and right click on them, select Use and then select piece of gear (works on equiped gear too). This method is highly inefficient if you wish to infuse many adorns, so I suggest you use infusion window.


Left square is where infusable gear is placed, right square is where infusers are placed. The middle circle shows chance of infusion success (top number) and platinum costs (bottom number), which is only visible if no infusers are placed. To start the process open the infusion window. First choose a piece of gear you wish to infuse and place it in the left corner (you don’t have to unequip it). Then choose one of two way to infuse it, with either infusers or platinum.

Infusing using infusers

If you choose infusers, find an infuser you wish to use and place it in the right square. After you do that, green circle will show a number on the top, which indicates % chance to successfully infuse that specific piece of gear using that infuser. If you wish to attempt infusion, just click on the green circle. Look in the main chat to see if infusion was successful or not. Should you fail, the next successful infusion of the same stat will be slightly more powerful. It is not yet clear how more powerful it actually is.

There are verity of different infusers with various benefits. Some will have a very low success rate of 10% and some will have 100% chance. Some will boost only one stat, some will boost several of them. They all offer boost to certain layer and a maximum possible amount of that stat on for that layer. Layers will be explained further in layer section of this guide.

Infusing using platinum

Infusion through platinum is rather expensive process, as costs will exponentially rise. Unless you’re certain that a specific piece of gear is going to be used for a long time, I would personally suggest avoiding this option. To begin plat infusion open the window and place an item in left square. Now instead of placing any infusers into right square, look at the circle in the middle. There will be two numbers. When infusing with platinum, top number will always be 25%. This indicates success chance. At the bottom will be another number, which indicates cost of next infusion. To infuse the item just click on the green circle. You will be informed of success or failure in main chat window and platinum cost will increase (it increases even if you fail infusion, hence the controversy around this mechanic).

Infusion layers

Now comes a more complex part of this new mechanic. Infusion system is finite, which means you can’t just keep upgrading one item forever. Each item has it’s own layer which defines a maximum possible infusion value of each stat. In total there are 3 different layers: Physical, Deity and Bonus. Only when all 3 layers have been infused to their maximum you have a fully infused item. Each layer is increased through different items.

infusion-fullinfusionDeity Layer

To infuse this layer you can use either platinum or loyalty infusers. Loyalty vendor in Qeynos & Freeport sells them for 15 Loyalty Tokens each

Platinum infusion works randomly, meaning instead of specific stat you will randomly attempt to infuse one of the four stats:

  • 25% chance to increase Potency by 0.1 to 0.5 (Max 10.0)
  • 25% chance to increase Crit Bonus by 0.1 to 0.5 (Max 10.0)
  • 25% chance to increase Abil Modifier by 24.0 to 80.0 (Max 800.0)
  • 25% chance to increase Potency by 2.2 to 7.5 (Max 75.0)

Deity layer is also where points from pre-infusion are stored (the small amount of infusion that comes on looted items) and they count towards max amount allowed for this layer.

Bonus Layer

Increasing this layer is extremely hard. The only way to infuse it is using Thalumbra Equipment Infuser. You can get them as:

  • Reward from Terrors of Thalumbra signature line
  • Reward from Triumph: Decimation of Thalumbra achievement (kill last named bosses in all heroic dungeons)
  • Reward from Triumph: Decimation of Terror (Tier 1) achievement (kill Tier 1 raid bosses)
  • Reward from Triumph: Decimation of Terror (Tier 2) achievement (kill Tier 2 raid bosses)
  • Reward from Triumph: Decimation of Terror (Tier 3) achievement (kill Tier 3 raid bosses)

There’s an additional one rewarded for those who participated in beta and finished signature line (one per account): Thalumbra Beta Equipment Infuser.

As you can see they’re hard to get and there’s limited amount of them that you can get for each toon.

Physical Layer

Physical layer is increased using looted and crafted infusers. Each infuser increases one specific stat and has it’s own maxium value. This means when you max a stat using low tier infusers you will have to use higher tier infusers with higher maximum value of same stat to increase it further. Looted infusers come in Standard, Heroic and Epic version, and crafted come in Handcrafted and Mastercrafted version.

Infusion layers

To fully max a certain stat on an item you must infuse it to a maximum of 1/3 of the base stats. For example, if white number in parenthesis for crit bonus says 30.0%, that means you will only be able to infuse crit bonus up to a max of 40.0%. This number can sometimes be reached just by infusing one layer (if it doesn’t exceed layer max). If you max one stat through just one layer, you will not be able to further infuse these stats through other layers. The one third cap is the hard cap of infusion.

Tips, Hints & Suggestions

  • Save and hoard infusers! Due to the cost of infusions it’s highly advised to stock them in your bank until you find gear that you will wear for a long period of time.
  • When infusing physical layer (looted & crafted infusers), you should always start with handcrafted ones, as they cost less but will lower the amount of stats higher tier infusers will require to fully maxed. This means start with handcrafted ones and when you max their stats, continue with mastercrafted or standard, then attempt epic.
  • It is possible to build a chain of failures with low tier infusers, which will make next successful infusion more powerful. Idea here is to spend a couple low tier infusers, build up chain of failures then infuse with higher tier ones like heroic or epic.