Secrets of Altar of Malice

Table of contents

 Overland Achievements

Tranquil Sea

Allu’thoa Menacer
Type: Quest, Repeatable (daily), 1h cooldown fail condition
Quest Name: Spinal Tap
Goal: Kill 20 Allu’thoa spinemasters in the area in less than 10 minutes.
Quest starter: an Allu’thoa brazier at /waypoint -1238.10, 128.69, -394.06
Reward: 3 Ferrin, Status Points

Friendly Fishmonger
Type: Quest, Repeatable (daily), 1h cooldown fail condition
Quest Name: Reel ‘Em In
Goal: Catch 10 fish in 4m, then deliver the catch in 15s to Pygmy village in North Dshinn. Easiest way to deal with this is to get in the pond in front of the pole and start clicking around like mad. Majority of time you will fail, usually with yellow or red text appearing on the screen. You can catch a ‘boot’ (no effect), get the pole to snap back (short stifle) or attract attention (crab mob spawns).
Quest starter: an unused fishing pole at /waypoint -533.30, 5.96, 563.90
Reward: 3 Ferrin, Status Points

Seagull Shot
Type: Quest, Repeatable (daily), 1h cooldown fail condition
Quest Name: Seagull Slaying
Goal: Shoot down 50 seagulls in 60 seconds from atop a cliff in Tranquil Sea. My advice is to move to the very edge of that cliff, zoom to first person view and face the seaside and then accept the quest. Keep spamming left click all the time till you have all 50 of them.
Quest starter: A discarded hunting bow at /waypoint 1109.67, 72.06, 759.54
Reward: 3 Ferrin, Status Points

The Mountaineer
Type: Quest, Repeatable (daily), 1h cooldown fail condition
Quest Name: Scale Karrabukk’s Peak
Goal: Scale Karrabukk’s Peak in Tranquil Sea within 3 minutes. The moment you accept the quest you’ll be teleported near the the rope (to prevent you from going all the way up top and accepting the quest then) and will lose the mount. Your goal is to reach the top of the mountain on foot. As you progress all the way up you’ll be attacked by adds and will get slow detriment (uncurable). Kill them as fast as possible to get lose the slow effect, so you can continue on your way up. I’d advise having any in and out of combat speed buffs.
Quest starter: a grappling hook at /waypoint -115.70, 6.18, -500.47
Reward: 3 Ferrin, Status Points

The Pinnacle
Type: Achievement
Goal: Collect a bud from the lonely flower at the peak of Gura Gura. All you have to do is fly to the given location and click on the flower on top of that mountain.
Location: /waypoint -619.34, 468.57, -101.31
Reward: Status Points

The Third Sister
Type: Achievement
Goal: Request a blessing from the Third Sister. Fly to the given location, stand in the middle of pond and then open your emotes/social window (default button O). Select social tab and list through until you find “I’m Not Worthy” emote, usually on page 7. Click it and that’s it.
Location: /waypoint 308, 174, -411
Reward: Status Points

These Boots Were Made For Squashing
Type: Quest, Repeatable (daily), 1h cooldown fail condition
Quest Name: Bug Begone
Goal: Quickly squash a large number of freshly hatched urzarach in 5m. These small mobs are nonaggro, and are hard to see. Probably best if you zoom to first person view. All you have to do is run over them. Every once in a while you will get rooted (uncurable) and an add will drop down from the trees. Kill this add as fast as possible to lose the root and move on.
Quest starter: a dead denmatron at /waypoint 484.81, 85.81, -772.43
Reward: 3 Ferrin, Status Points

Truffle Hunter
Type: Quest, Repeatable (daily), 1h cooldown fail condition
Quest Name: The Great Truffle Hunt
Goal: Swiftly sniff out 10 truffles on Isle of Refuge in Tranquil Sea in 3m. Run around the isle as you look for dirt mounds around trees. When you’re close to one, yellow message will appear across the screen. Click on it one time to reveal what’s underneath it. It’ can be either a mushroom or a trap. If it’s a trap you’re gonna get rooted. The only way to lose the root is to spam left click on the trap fast and it will disintegrate after its health drops. Get 10 mushrooms to finish the quest.
Quest starter: a mouthwatering truffle at /waypoint 815.04, 28.67, 994.23
Reward: 3 Ferrin, Status Points

Phantom Sea

Coaxed to Kill
Type: Quest, Repeatable (daily), 1h cooldown fail condition
Quest Name: Tasty Greens
Goal: Click the plant to start the ring event. You have to survive the waves of Allu’thoa until a named mob spawns. Killing this named mob will make any leftover adds disappear. If you’re killed mobs will despawn and you won’t be able to finish his quest at that time.
Quest starter: a coax plant at /waypoint -1114.88, 122.77, 1040.50
Reward: 3 Ferrin, Status Points

Deino Doctor
Type: Quest, Repeatable (daily), 1h cooldown fail condition
Quest Name: Stegodon Savior
Goal: Save the sick stegodon on North Dshinn in 5 minutes by killing pterodons (flying deinos). Since the quest timer starts after you accept the quest, it is possible to get the quest window, but instead of accepting a quest, fly high up to the mountain peak, grab a few pterodons and accept the quest before you start killing them. After you kill 10 of them, timer will reset to 1m and you will have that time to reach the dino again and click on the pygmy in front of him.
Quest starter: a sick stegodon /waypoint -1348.06, 31.93, 1415.95
Reward: 3 Ferrin, Status Points

I Most Certainly Shall Pass
Type: Quest, Repeatable (daily), 1h cooldown fail condition
Quest Name: Highpass Holdup
Goal: Slaughter the Shralok orcs who spawn around Highpass in 6m. Watch out for Break Bone spell, it does moderate damage to squishies.
Quest starter: a traveler’s pack at /waypoint 623.02, 209.09, 459.56
Reward: 3 Ferrin, Status Points

Keeper of the Cache
Type: Quest, Repeatable (daily), 1h cooldown fail condition
Quest Name: Hidden Cache
Goal: Stop the Mucktail treasurekeepers from reaching the hidden cache, and claim it for yourself! This one is a bit tricky as you have to act fast. As soon as you accept the quest 6 skeleton mucktails will spawn around the small isle and start moving towards the cache. They’re non aggro and won’t attack you. You have to spam left click on them. At about 50% they become aggro and stop moving towards the cache and attack you instead. You have to keep clicking on them until all 6 are turned aggro. If just one reaches the cache quest fails and they despawn.
Quest starter: hidden cache at /waypoint 1150.15, 11.37, -1186.65
Reward: 3 Ferrin, Status Points

Out of the Shadows, Into the Light
Type: Quest, Repeatable (daily), 1h cooldown fail condition
Quest Name: The Shadow Lurkers
Goal: Uncover and defeat the shadow Senshali on Grim Shales. These shadows are hidden and the only way to spawn them is to pass by them. They only appear near trees around the eastern part of Island
Quest starter: a dead Akheva at /waypoint -1048.54, 95.10, -710.35
Reward: 3 Ferrin, Status Points


Chandelier Maker
Type: Collection set
Collection Set Name: Chandelier Made Good
Goal: Rebuild the Far Seas Trading Company chandelier from Castle Highhold.
Additional info: You have to collect each piece of collection from chandelier that drops in Castle Highhold [Advanced Solo] or Castle Highhold [Heroic] to the ground after the final Gaudur Blackhand (last named mob) is defeated.
Reward: 3 Ferrin, Status Points

Island Hopping
Description: Travel from island to island in Tranquil and Phantom Sea, leaving your mark. You have to find these markable objects throughout both zones.
Reward: 3 Ferrin, Status Points

  • ** Tranquil Sea **
    • The Island of Refugee:
      • a chunk of wall at /waypoint 819.73, 3.44, 1187.55
      • a damaged cart wheel at /waypoint 1083.37, 6.33, 1078.65
      • a gravestone at /waypoint 616.45, 22.81, 1168.67
      • a hanging ship’s wheel at /waypoint 720.65, 48.35, 994.23
    • Death Weave Isle:
      • an empty Far Seas crate at /waypoint 1071, 6, -529
      • an urzarach web sac at /waypoint 1006.06, 18.87, -954.19
    • South Dshinn:
      • a deinodon vertibrae at /waypoint -1266.26, 80.25, -730.40
      • a pygmy meat basket at /waypoint -670.54, 7.65, 263.40
      • a tarred deinodon bone at /waypoint -852.29, 35.86, 248.34
      • moss-covered stone at /waypoint -1415.63, 62.15, -344.39
  • ** Phantom Sea **
    • North Dshinn:
      • a bowl of half-eaten bones at /waypoint -1187.54, 70.24, 832.67
      • a large seashell at /waypoint -1087.02, 93.43, 918.63
      • a pterodon nest at /waypoint -724.80, 176.50, 1213.20
      • flour sacks at /waypoint -1404.70, 9.10, 923.70
    • Kithicor Island
      • a broken barrel at /waypoint 242.49, 61.37, 915.22
      • a grinding wheel at /waypoint 516.29, 351.44, 61.00
      • an empty Dreadkeep supply chest at /waypoint 779.59, 70.02, 1348.60
      • an oar at /waypoint 870.06, 10.87, 780.56
    • Grim Shales
      • a pile of rubble at /waypoint -325.59, 46.00, -927.38
      • a ruined pillar at /waypoint -649.59, 9.25, -759.19


Hidden Zone Achievements

Brokenskull Bay: Bilgewater Falls[Heroic]

Description: Defeat 50 “a chest of booty” in Brokenskull Bay:Bilgewater Falls[Heroic].
Additional info: Nothing special about this one, except that you will have to run the zone several times before you get the achievement. There’s about 10 chests per instance.

Jump the Shark
Description: Jump from the waterfall in Brokenskull Bay: Bilgewater Falls[Heroic] onto a Dreadtooth shark.
Additional info: Once you get all the way up to where final name spawns, there’s a waterfall on the cliff. This is where you need to stand. Once there look down the bay and type in the following “/tar a Dread”. This will target an epic x2 shark in the bay that you need to jump on top of. The shark swims entire length of bay, back and forth. Wait for it to come almost all the way below water fall and jump down on top of it. It’s hard to land if you make this drop without slow fall effect. The bes thing to do is buy Gnomish Parachute Pack and use it before you jump.

Brokenskull Bay: Hoist the Yellow Jack[Heroic]

Walk the Plank
Description: Walk off the Plank in “Brokenskull Bay: Hoist the Yellow Jack”.
Additional info: Once you defeat the fourth name in this zone, walk to the edge of the plank (where named mob was) and you’ll get the achievement.

Description: Ride the Zipline in “Brokenskull Bay: Hoist the Yellow Jack” 10 times.
Additional info: There’s a zipline that divides two parts of this zones, just after the second named mob. You have to use it 10 times to get this achievement. It can be done in single run, but takes some running around. Evac ability helps, as well as Totem of Escape, but you may have to die a few times and revive back at entrance as you it’s impossible to get back to entrance normally once you ride the zipline to the opposite side.

Ossuary: Resonance of Malice[Heroic]

Best Seat In the House
Description: Find a way onto the ledges above the Pipe Organ in Ossuary: Resonance of Malice.
Additional info: Once the last named encounter is dead, you have to jump on the pipe organ, then on one of the sides of it.

On the Shoulders of Giants
Description: Stand upon a giant statue at the entrance of Ossuary: Resonance of Malice[Heroic].
Additional info: As soon as you enter the zone look at the right side and you’ll see a statue. Your goal is to climb the right side of it. Begin by jumping on the right wall and slowly reach the window. Go to the further most point of that window, just at the right side of the statues gauntlet. Slowly jump on the gauntlet then walk up the arm. Once you reach the shoulder, you’ll get an achievement.

Ossuary: Sanguine Fountains[Heroic]

Come On In the ummmm Water’s Fine
Description: Have a swim party in the Fountain in Ossuary: Sanguine Fountains[Heroic].
Additional info: Once you kill the final named mob, entire group has to jump inside blood fountain to get an achievement.

It Smells Like BBQ
Description: Find a Way to Stand Atop a Braziers in the Transcept of Life in Ossuary: Sanguine Fountains[Heroic].
Additional info: This one is a bit tricky. Once you clear our the balcony across the zone entrance, try jumping on top of the balcony fence, then follow the ledge all the way to the north. Slowly drop down the other ledge and follow it to the middle of the room. No face the center and you’ll see a brazier closer to your side of the room. Buy Gnomish Parachute Pack, use it, then jump atop the brazier to receive the achievement.

Zavith’loa: The Hidden Caldera[Heroic]

Vantage Point
Description: Discover the Charnel Overlook in the Hidden Caldera of Zavith’loa.
Additional info: Just before you engage the fourth named mob, there’s a bridge that leads to his location. As you cross the bridge, look forward just across, and you’ll see a stack of rocks. If you try jumping on top of them then on the slopes above them, you can follow the trail leading to top of the cave. Once you reach top you’ll get the achievement.


  • There’s a total of 67 collection sets
  • There are 30 collection sets in overland zone, 5 sets for per each island in Tranquil Sea and Phantom Sea.
  • There are 3 collection sets in each heroic instance group (ie. each of 3 Brokeskull Bay, 2 heroics and 1 event, contain collections from same 3 sets), making it total of 15 sets from heroic zones.
  • There are 5 collection sets in each of the Contested zones, Ossuary and Brokenskull Bay and an additional meta collection collection for each
  • There are 5 collection sets from Advanced Solo instances.
  • Completing all the sets above will give you one meta collection from each set, adding an additional collection set with a final reward
  • Each collection set rewards 3 Ferrin (times 2 if you’re subscribing member) and a unique house item.
  • Final meta collection set reward gives you a ring with raid stats, usable by any class: Mithril Ring of Amplified Power

Additional collections:

There are a few more additional collection sets that are not part of final meta collection. These are:

  • Lore collections, the red shinies, which can only be seen by artisans who completed Earring of Solstice (Artisan Epic Timeline)
  • Highhold Chandelier – unique collection set from CHH

Collection Sets


Isle of Refuge

  • Foregone Artifacts: Garven’s Registry, Rivicea’s Collection Box, Caretaker Fairlee’s Wrench, Slumlord Valthun’s Dirty Bucket, Ambassador Saera’s Shiny Coin, Ambassador T’Kirr’s Copper Badge
  • Fragments of Island Folk: Ebik’s Cog Collection, Cook Stubfoot’s Stew Pot, Quarter Master Brennar’s log, Galen Crestrider’s Mug, Mannus’ Tool kit, Ihean’s Coin Pouch
  • Heirlooms of Heroes Past: Ingrid’s Looking Glass, Varlos’ Gold Pen, Duke Ferrin’s Medal, Xaliea’s Poultice Bag, Vladiminns’ Bow, Nathinia’s Talisman
  • Remnants of Refuge: Cantrie’s Fishing Hook, Deebo’s Fishing Pole, Dovin’s Merchant Sack, Gerrin’s Pocket Watch, Valik’s Map Book, Anikra’s Doll
  • Shreds of the Past: V’Raen’s Visor, Bogtooth’s Breastplate, Mizmozzle’s Mace, Ssilith’s Sword, Tanglor’s Tower Shield, Tugar’s Trench Knife

Death Weave Isle

  • Death Weave Flora: Blood Amaryllis, Poison Gardenias, Ruby Lotus, Baneful Bird of Paradise, Sacred Calla Lily, Heliconias
  • Relics of the Lost: Tribal Totem, Shaman Spear, Wind Talisman, Earth Talisman, Water Talisman, Spider Effigy
  • The Ruby Emperor: Ruby Emperor Eye, Ruby Emperor Leg, Ruby Emperor Antenna, Ruby Emperor Wing, Ruby Emperor Carapace, Ruby Emperor Mandible
  • Urzarach Chaos: Eye of the Lost, Soul of the Lost, Intellect of the Lost, Mind of the Lost, Concept of the Lost, Silence of the Lost
  • Waters so Sacred: Bead of Sacred Water, Emerald Dewdrop, Blue Dewdrop, Bead of Revered Water, Clear Dewdrop, Bead of Divine Water

South Dshinn

  • Ancient Animals: Ipsumodon Spirit Totem, Apatodon Spirit Totem, Aragodon Spirit Totem, Pterodon Spirit Totem, Cerodon Spirit Totem, Stegodon Spirit Totem
  • Grim Grimlings: Agitated Spear, Aggravated Mace, Frantic Dagger, Covetous Sword, Avaricious Lance, Acquisitive Hammer
  • Reptilian Relics: Spinemaster’s Crusher, Ambusher’s Net, Bowmaster’s Line, Woundbreaker’s Talisman, Boneshadow’s Knife, Lavelescent’s Shield
  • Scrubby Little Symbols: Bawck Gib Gua, Jaf Mung Tah, Txua Vov Zaunk, Arf Ghav Keff, Kian Mraaww, Baj Wooah
  • Tokens from the Tiny: Zedj’s Tribal Spear, Yurwri’s Poultice, Starque’s Saddle, Lagni’s Pickle Jar, Kowli’s Harpoon, Finze’s Wisdom Staff


North Dshinn

  • Bad Juju: Talisman of Claw, Talisman of Dirt, Talisman of Darkness, Talisman of Blood, Talisman of Flesh, Talisman of Tooth
  • Far Seas Seasoning: Erollisian Cinnamon, Zekian Black Pepper, Kunarkian Cardamom, Karanian Ginger, Ykeshan Tumeric, Faydwerian Cassia
  • Igneous Ideal: Orange Scapolite, Violet Sodalite, Yellow Peridot, Rainbow Labradorite, Azure Hauyne, Golden Datolite
  • Official Oriflamme: Flag of Ferrin, Flag of the Far Shore, Flag of the Far Talon, Flag of the Far journey, Flag of the Far Dawn, Flag of Greymast
  • Old-Fashioned Ossein: Aragodon Vertebrae, Cerodon Skull, Pterodon Metacarpal, Apatodon Carpal, Stegodon Tibia, Ipsumodon Femur

Kithicor Island

  • Ancient Kithicor Artifacts: Dagger of the Jewelborn, Cape of the Cloaked Figure, Gull’s Mirror, Farondi’s Sword, Cathil’s Whiskey Flask, Shadowbane’s Bow
  • Castle Highhold Heirlooms: Greyeagle’s pouch, Blackguard’s Ring, Tarburner’s Comb, Rossook’s Pipe, Whistlewood’s Cameo, Greenbane’s Bracelet
  • Ghorkaal Relics: Boots of the Deathweaver, Staff of the Cursespinner, Blade of the Necromancer, Etched Helm of the Deathweaver, Robes of the Cursespinner, Dagger of the Poisonspinner
  • Kithicor Pine Cones: Ivy Etched Pinyon, Wonderer’s Knot Pinyon, Highpass Pine Cone, Kithicor Pinyon, Blessed Knoll Pine Cone, Ghorkaal’s Pine Cone
  • Objects of Malice: Talisman of the Flesh Stripper, Mace of Dark Obscenity, Helm of Disembodied Spirit, Ring of Imbued Blood, Blood Inquisitor’s Dagger, Primoridal Talisman

Grim Shales

  • Akhevan Antiquity: Helm of the Torgarath, Symbol of Diabo Xin Thall, Ring of Diabo Rentha, Effigy of Aten Ha Ra, Blade of the Liako, Mask of the Senshali
  • Deadly Plants: Kithicor Castor Bean, Tranquil Oleander, Dark Snakeroot, Purple Bladderwort, Dshinn Hemlock, Phantom Monks Hood
  • Grim Shales Ferns: Painted Fern, Maiden’s Hair Fern, Nest Fern, Cinnamon Fern, Shale Tree Fern, Holly Fern
  • Grimling Glamour: Skullsmasher’s Bash, Spiritchanter’s Devouring, Skullsmasher’s Might, Spellsplitter’s Force, Spiritchanter’s Madness, Spellsplitter’s Inferno
  • Scaly Superstition: Scale of Korazhk, Scale of Ssraeshza, Scale of Ssravish, Scale of Zherozsh, Scale of Zhesz, Scale of RhagZadune


  • A Persons House is their Castle: Zom Xakra’Kaas’ Silken Shoes, Zona Centi’Kaas’ Evil Robes, Insider Pinboggle’s Doohickey, Sa’Dax Shensali’s Cloak, Woglok’s Shiny Knife, Shograh’s Robes, Va Tak Telaris’ Ebon Claw, Insider T’Shal’s Notes, Sevien Ka’Lal’s Bracer, Thresinet’s Jeweled Wand, Kladnog Shralok’s Bone Hammer, Gudre Blackhand’s Dark Scimitar, Qworux’s Royal Helm, Tulonk Shralok’s Glowing Eye, Vexven Mucktail’s Spirit Essence
  • Death, Blood, Death: Prime Inquisitor Darkthrall’s Flail, Bonestorm’s Shards, Herreo Cibum’s Claw, Byushin’s Dagger, Trakex’s Torture Tools, Marrowbore’s Mandibles, Tim and Tom’s Helmets, Koron K’Lel’s Baton, Ostiophobe’s Carapace, Eternal Watcher’s Wing, Ossiatic’s Scourge, Malum Mortem’s Blood, Rancor Cruor’s Fist, Bloodhag’s Poultice, Phasma Destler’s Song
  • Lurking in the Grass: Unatu’s Stone Hammer, Poxrata’s Wand, Brudu’s Dagger, Arch Lich Rhag’Zadune’s Scepter, Grudu’s Sword, The Earthen Behemoth’s Fist, Rhag’Yalzzen’s Signet Ring, Vathsis’ Battle Sword, Rhag’Vozgath’s Talisman, Kavis Set’Ra’s Ebon Mace, Kesa Tra Xon’Xiu’s Iron Battleaxe, Kavis Sha Ra’s Pauldron, Kessatras Sonssiu’s Monacle, Pov Xin’Kaas’ Club, Stonefang’s Tail
  • Mushrooms and Deinodons and Lizards, Oh My!: Huntmaster Au’Mari’s Feathered Spear, Gra’Ta the Mountain’s Toe, The Swamp Mother’s Tooth, Mo’Iana the Ravenous’ Eye, Beastmaster Kau’mua’s Mace, Sharptooth’s Ear, Defender Honu’s Dagger, Lavacrafter Peleaina’s Talisman, Pterotrainer Yu’lua’s Net, Scytheclaw’s Fang, Obsidian Warrior Koa’s Blade, Littlefoot’s Hide, High Priest Hamanu’akaloa’s Scepter, The Unnamed Hunter’s Ring, Fiery Effigy of Clotl’thoa
  • Shiver me Timbers: Deckhand Gronk’s Grog, Captain Nayate’s Hat, Deckhand Smalls’ Boots, Vasril’s Rapier, Beggar jonesy’s Cup, Mildred Saggybottom’s Pantaloons, Forgemaster Belun’s Hammer, Poochy’s Collar, Spotter Ratigan’s Eye Glass, Brawlin Bones’ Cigar, Jailer Krentis Van’lesen’s Keys, Gwarr Venomfang’s Eye, Cannonball Yenkin’s Cannonball, Railmaster junres’ Wrench, Alchemist Fiera Von’tis’ Flask


Brokenskull Bay

  • Brokenskull Bites: Hardtack, Moldy Cheese, Pickled Roots, Bone Soup, Salted Beef, Salted Pork
  • Brokenskull Booze: Bumboo, Grog, Rumfustian, Dark Rum, Sangaree, Flip
  • Brokenskull Bullion: Silver Ferrin, Gold Doubloon, Gold Escudo, Gold Reale, Silver Escudo, Silver Reale


  • Zavith’loa Allu’thoa Idols: Basalt Clotl’thoa idol, Obsidion Clotl’thoa idol, Slate Clotl’thoa idol, Granite Clotl’thoa idol, Norite Clotl’thoa idol, Pumice Clotl’thoa idol
  • Zavith’loa Flowers: Blue Cohosh, Arching Caladium, Emerald Pokeroot, Ruby Datura, Fiery Yellow Bell, Azure Foxglove
  • Zavith’loa Mushrooms: Ivory Funnel, Purple Webcap, Black Trumpet, Deadly Dapperling, Crimson Ergot, Death Cap


  • Blood Stained Objects: Blood Stained Dagger, Blood Stained Book, Blood Stained Mace, Blood Stained Robes, Blood Stained Gloves, Blood Stained Scalpel
  • Flesh Scraps: Charred Flesh Scrap, Serrated Flesh Scrap, Ripped Flesh Scrap, Rotten Flesh Scrap, Bloody Flesh Scrap, Punctured Flesh Scrap
  • Torture Tools: Knee Splitter, Bone Saw, Thumbscrews, Flesh Ripper, Heretics Fork, Primordial Tickler

Castle Highhold

  • Shralok Shreds: Shralok Finger Bone, Shralok Heel Bone, Shralok Ankle Bone, Shralok Arm Bone, Shralok Toe Bone, Shralok Leg Bone
  • Urzarach Weapons: Fist of the Bleederach, Pike of the Sorcerach, Staff of the Sorcerach, Club of the Enforcerach, Blade of the Bleederach, Mace of the Enforcerach
  • Whiz-Bangs: Grevog’s Flail, Zebrun’s Cuirass, Grethah’s Scepter, Zebrun’s Helm, Grevog’s Fire, Grethah’s Wand


  • Akhevan Runes: Zov Centien, Zov Va Dyn, Zov Liako, Zov Thall, Zov Senshali, Zov Va Liako
  • Shissar Glass Idols: Shissar Wisdom Idol, Shissar Earth Idol, Shissar Strength Idol, Akhevan Idol, Akhevan Diabo Idol, Stonecutter’s Idol
  • Shissar Tools: Stonecutter’s Knife, Leather Straps, Stonecutter’s Hammer, Quarry Axe, Quarry Pick, Ebon Chisel


Brokenskull Bay: Spoils of Maraud (Contested)

  • Brokenskull Earrings: Morin’s Silver Stud, Drunkard’s Earring, Swabby’s Iron Stud, Krasnok’s Earring, Barin’s Silver Hoop, Daggerheart’s Hoop
  • Pirate Coat Buttons: Golden Silversmith Button, Silver Swirl Button, Golden Shank Button, Bone-Carved Pants Buton, Silver Shank Button, Bone-Carved Vest Button
  • Pirate Protection: Captain’s Hat, First Mate’s Hat, Boatswain’s Hat, Lieutenant’s Hat, Gunner’s Hat, Quartermaster’s Hat
  • Pirate Ship Pieces: Rusted Backstay, Jib Sheet, Skull Adorned Anchor, Bronze Cringle, Tattered Bolt Rope, Wooden Block
  • Treasure Maps: Half Treasure Map, Wet Treasure Map, Leather Treasure Map, Torn Treasure Map, Burnt Treasure Map, Folded Treasure Map

Ossuary of Malevolence (Contested)

  • Ossuary Chasuble: Chasuble of the Inquisitor, Chasuble of the Bloodpriest, Chasuble of the Unproven, Chasuble of the Prime Inquisitor, Chasuble of the Bonesummoner, Chasuble of the Bonecaster
  • Ossuary Medallions: Zealot’s Medallion, Bonecaster’s Medallion, Devotee’s Medallion, Persecutor’s Medallion, Torturer’s Medallion, Worshiper’s Medallion
  • Ossuary Skulls: Polished Sarnak Skull, Polished Erudite Skull, Polished Ogre Skull, Polished Gnome Skull, Polished Wood Elf Skull, Polished Dwarf Skull
  • Ossuary Statuettes: Carved Wood Statuette, Carved Bone Statuette, Carved Obsidian Statuette, Carved Glass Statuette, Carved Ivory Statuette, Carved Stone Statuette
  • Pyxes of the Ossuary: Etched Golden Pyx, Wooden Carved Pyx, Etched Silver Pyx, Etched Mithril Pyx, Skull Shaped Pyx, Etched Bronze Pyx


  • Altar of Malice Medals (rewards from Advanced Solo Instance collection sets): Zavith’loa Medal, Ossuary of Malevolence Medal, Ssraeszha Medal, Castle Highhold Medal, Brokenskull Bay Medal
  • Shields of Phantom Sea (rewards from Phantom Sea Overland collection sets): Shield of Gazanti, Shield of North Dshinn, Shield of Grim Shales, Shield of Blackwall, Shield of Blessed Knoll, Shield of Highpass, Shield of Sshraeshza, Shield of Ossuary of Malevolence, Shield of Stillwater Bridge, Shield of Bloody Battlegrounds, Shield of Castle Highhold, Shield of Charnel Grove, Shield of Ghorkaal, Shield of Kithicor, Shield of Peril Point
  • Shields of Tranquil Sea (rewards from Tranquil Sea Overland collection sets): Shield of Refuge, Shield of South Dshin, Shield of Malvonicus, Shield of Gorir, Shield of Bawgava, Shield of Death Weave, Shield of Merinep, Shield of Gura-Gura, Shield of Lost Khorr, Shield of Forbidden Cove, Shield of Karrabukk, Shield of Three Sacred Sisters, Shield of Lobha, Shield of Death’s Doorway, Shield of Saffron Coast
  • Ship Wheels (rewards from Brokenskull Bay Contested collection sets): Queen’s Revenge, Loyal Swabby, Royal Opulence, Golden Trinity, Norrath’s Galley
  • Tales of Malice (rewards from Heroic Instance collection sets): Tales of Villandre V’Zher, Tales of the Ossuary of Malevolence, Tales of Zavith’loa, Tales of Jaestin Ferrin, Tales of the Deinodons, Tales of Tserrina Syl’tor, Tales of the Allu’thoa, Tales of the Far Seas Trading Company, Tales of the Ssraeshza Temple, Tales of Brokenskull Bay, Tales of Captain Krasnok, Tales of the Shissar, Tales of the Hate’s Fury, Tales of the Grimlings, Tales of Castle Highhold
  • Ossuary Busts (rewards from Ossuary Contested collection sets): Bust of Virtuoso Edgar ‘Vzann, Bust of Villandre V’Zher, Bust of Prime Ritualist Darkthrall, Bust of Tserrina Syl’tor, Bust of Ritual Keeper V’derin
  • Triumphs of Shattered Seas (rewards from all meta-collections): Shield of the Tranquil Sea, Bone Carved Bust of Lanys T’Vyl, Shattered Seas Medal, Shield of the Phantom Sea, Tales of the Shattered Seas, Silk Stitched Hate’s Fury Flag

Unique Loot Table

Fabled Drops

While there are numerous items dropped in heroic dungeons, some good, some mediocre, some bad, this list will contain unique, fabled but also very rare drops from final names in heroic zones. In case you wanna farm for specific one, now you know where they drop. Enjoy!

Brokenskull Bay: Bilgewater Falls (Heroic) – Captain Berlon Bilgewater

Brokenskull Bay: Bosun’s Private Stock (Event Heroic) – Veerach the Vile

Brokenskull Bay: Hoist The Yellow Jack (Heroic) – Captain Krasnok the Immortal

Castle Highhold (Heroic) – Gudre Blackhand

Castle Highhold: Thresinets Den (Heroic) – Thresinet

Castle Highhold: Insider Treacher (Event Heroic) – Zom Xakra’Kaas

Ossuary: Choir of T’Vyl (Event Heroic)

Ossuary: Resonance of Malice (Heroic) – Valdimus V’Derun

Ossuary: Sanguine Fountains (Heroic) – The Embodiment of Gore

Ssraeshza Temple (Heroic) – Kavis Set’ra

Ssraezha Temple: Taskmaster’s Echo (Event Heroic) – Echo of Mikazha

Ssraezha Temple: Inner Sanctum (Heroic) – Rhag’Vozgath

Zavith’loa: The Lost Hunt (Event Heroic) – Sharptooth & Maw

Zavith’loa: the Lost Caverns (Heroic) – Mo’iana the Ravenous


This mount has a chance to drop in every zone after you kill the final named encounter.


Mercenaries tokes have a small chance to drop in every zone after you kill the final named encounter.


These drops are super rare and can drop in any zone from the last named encounter.