Stats Breakdown

Following guide will explain stat mechanics. Some of the stats like crafting stats are not addressed, it’s orientated towards end-game PVE progression and class optimization. For further class specific stat optimizations visit Class Optimizations.

Table of Contents


Each class archtype uses only one primary stat along with stamina. For fighter that stat is strength, for mages it’s intelligence, for priests it’s wisdom and for scouts it’s agility.

Agility, Intelligence, Strength, Wisdom

Description: The primary stat increases damage and max power.
Cap: no cap!


Description: Stamina increases maximum health.
Cap: no cap!


Magic Resistance

Description: Reduces damage from magic attacks.
Cap: 75% contested against target’s level.

 Resistance type
Resistance to following
Arcane Divine, Mental and Magic attacks
Elemental Heat and Cold attacks
Noxious Poison and Disease attacks


Mitigation (Physical Resistance)

Description: Reduces damage from crushing, slashing and piercing attacks. Mitigation cap at 75% damage reduction. The amount reduced is contested against the target’s level.
Cap: 75% contested against target’s level.


Block Chance

Description: Block Chance increases your chance to block an incoming attack.
Cap: 75% contested against target’s level.


Description: Avoidance is a sum of several stats that will increase your chance to avoid incoming attack.
Stats that increase avoidance:

  • Block (Non-Brawlers): Block chance is based on the player’s shield. The higher the protection rating, the higher chance to block. Block Chance is uncontested, meaning it is a straight percentage chance to avoid an incoming attack.
  • Block (Brawlers): Brawlers have two types of block. Contested block which is based on their Deflection Skill and level difference and Uncontested Block which is based off of their “Minimum Deflection Chance.”
  • Parry: Parry is a contested roll based on the defender’s parry skill and level compared against the attacker’s weapon skill and level.
  • Dodge: A contested roll based on the defender’s defense skill and level compared against the attacker’s weapon skill and level.
  • Riposte: Chance for a successful parry roll to riposte part of the damage back on your attacker.

Contested vs uncontested avoidance:

  • Contested avoidance is avoidance that takes the defender’s skills and compares them against the target’s offensive skills and level difference and creates the avoidance chance.
  • Uncontested avoidance is avoidance that is a straight percentage chance to avoid an incoming attack regardless of the target’s offensive skills or level. Uncontested avoidance is affected by Dodge, Parry, Riposte, Block Chance and Minimum Deflection Chance.

Avoidance caps:

Base 80%
Blocking 70%
Parry 70%
Deflection 70%


Stats in this category affect all your abilities, combat arts and spells. Some even affect your auto attack.

Critical Chance

Description: Increases your chance to critically hit, heal or taunt. This can trigger on offensive combat art, offensive or healing spell, taunts or atuo attack.

Critical types:

  • A Normal Critical hit
  • A Legendary Critical hit takes the damage you would have had with a normal one and increases it by 25%
  • A Fabled Critical hit takes the damage you would have had with a normal one and increases it by 100%
  • A Mythical Critical hit takes the damage you would have done with a normal one and increases it by 300%

Cap: no cap!

 Critical Chance
Crit type & chance
100% 100% to get normal crit hits on every attack
100% 1% to get legendary crit hit
500% 1% to get fabled crit hit
700% 1% to get mythical crit hit

Critical Bonus

Description: Once crit procs, crit bonus defines the amount of that crit hit, heal or taunt. This stat also affects crits that proc of auto attacks.
Cap: 4000%


Description: Increases amount of all your offensive, healing and taunt abilities, combat arts and spells.
Cap: no cap!


Description: Adds additional percent of damage or heal to abilities, combat arts and spells. It applies after all other modifiers have been applied. For example, your if spell does 200 damage after pot, abil mod, crit chance, crit bonus have been applied and you had 10 fervor, you would do 220 damage.
Cap: 200


Description: When fighting a mob that has resolve stat, your own resolve will define how much damage you will do to the mob and how much of the incoming damage you will receive. For example, when fighting a mob with 200 resolve and you have 190 resolve, you will do 10% less damage to that mob, and will receive 10% more damage from it. If your resolve is equal to that of the mob, then you will do regular amount of damage and receive regular amount of damage (although this is still defined by your mitigation, block and avoidance stats). If your resolve is higher then that of the mob, there are no benefits from it.
Cap: contested against the mob you’re fighting, but caps at the same amount as that mob’s resolve.

Ability Modifier

Description: Abil mod increases the amounts of all abilities. It caps at 50% of the base amount (factoring in Potency) of the ability. For example, if your spell does 1 to 110 damage, look at the max value 110. Half the value of this is the 50% cap for abil mod. In this case the value is 55, so you would need 55 abil mod to max out additional damage your ability can do. Now in case you have 70 abil mod, it would still only add 55 to that same spell because that’s the max amount it can add. To figure out what abil mod your toon needs, look through your most often used abilities and calculate the 50% of their base value. Figure out their median value then and that will be your ~50% abil mod that you should have. Some classes like wizards and warlock benefit from high abil mod values, while some like bards wouldn’t benefit as much from it and usually have it much less.
Cap: no cap!

Hate Mod

Description: Directly affects value of threat you generate. Above 0 it increases the value and going into negative will reduce the value. The positive hate mode is used only by tanks and hate reducing value should be used if you’re having issues with snapping mobs from your tanks.
Cap: 100
Negative Cap: -50

Reuse Speed

Description: Reduces the cooldown on your abilities, combat arts and spells. At 100% it reduces the cooldown by 50%.
Cap: 100%

Casting Speed

Description: Reduces time you spend casting your abilities, combat arts and spells. At 100% it reduces the casting time by 50%.
Cap: 100%
Conversion: After 100 casting speed every point converts into doublecast.

 Casting Speed value
Cast time reduction and Doublecast conversion
50% 75% casting time reduction
100% 50% casting time reduction ; doublecast conversion starts
200% 7.5% doublecast chance
400% 15% doublecast chance
600% 22.5% doublecast chance
800% 30% doublecast chance
1100% 37.5% doublecast chance

Recovery Speed

Description: Reduces delay between casting abilities, combat arts and spells. At 100% recovery is reduced down by 50%.
Cap: 100%


Description: Gives a chance to your offensive spells to apply their damage twice. This stat ONLY affects spells. It does not affect combat arts and healing spells! This stat is predominantly used by mages.
Cap: 100%

Auto Attack

Auto attack category only affects your auto attack. None of the stats in this category will affect combat arts and spells, or other abilities.


Description: Defines how hard your auto attacks hit.
Cap: 2300

 DPS value
Damage Multiplier
100 x2
200 x3
300 x4
400 x5
500 x6
600 x7
1000 x8
1600 x9
2300 x10

Haste (Attack Speed)

Description: Haste, titled Attack Speed on gear, increases rate of auto attacks. The stat caps at 200 when in increases rate to 125%.
Haste Cap: 200
Conversion: After 200 Haste every point in this stat will convert to flurry.

 Haste (Attack Speed) value caps and Flurry conversion
100 100% rate
200 125% rate ; flurry conversion starts
300 6.8% flurry
500 13.4% flurry
700 19.6% flurry
900 25.6% flurry
1200 31.4% flurry

Multi Attack

Description: Gives you a chance to make an additional swing at your target.
Cap: 1200

 Multi Attack value extra Swing
50 52%
100 91%
150 extra swing + 2% additional
200 extra swing + 25% additional
300 extra swing + 35% additional
500 extra swing + 45% additional
700 extra swing + 55% additional
900 extra swing + 65% additional
1200 extra swing + 75% additional

AE Autoattack

Description: Gives you a chance to attack up to 4 additional mobs in front of you. At 100% every auto attack will hit up to 4 targets in front of you.
Cap: 100%


Description: Strikethrough grants a percentage based chance to ignore target’s riposte, parry or block. These defensive rolls however do not count when attacking from behind. This stat is usually used by tanks to give them higher chance to hit the target.
Cap: 100%


Description: Accuracy increases your chance at hitting the target. It does not help you against parry, block or riposte rolls.
Cap: 100%


Description: Flurry grants you an additional chance to strike the target up to four times.
Cap: 100%

(Spell) Weapon Damage Bonus

Description: Directly increases amount of damage your auto attacks do. WDB affects your melee attacks and SWDB affect your focus (spell) damage from ranged weapons (like wands).
Cap: 300%


Fighting Skills (Crushing, Piercing, Ranged & Slashing)

Description: These skills are contested against the target’s defense and parry. The attacker needs 100 more points in their skill than the defender has in their opposing skill to receive the max amount of accuracy or avoidance based on combat skills. For example a scout would need 200 Ranged Skill to receive max benefit against a target with 100 Defense using ranged weapon.

Casting skills (Disruption, Ministration, Ordination & Subjegation)

Description: Each skill affects spells of their category differently:

  • Disruption, Ordination and Subjugation reduce the chance that your spell based on that skill will be resisted.
  • Ministration reduces the power cost of all Ministration based skills.
  • Aggression reduces the resistability of your taunts and increases the amount of your taunts.