Notable Loot


Additional Loot Tables

Quest & Achievement Rewards

Completing Kunark Ascending adventure signature line will reward you a mount

Completing Kunark Ascending tradeskill signature line will reward you a cloak

Once you gain enough faction with Blood Tooth clan you will be able to purchase upgraded prestige version of the cloak from Scribbleclaw <Bloody Tooth Merchant> in Obulus Frontier (/way 76, -165, -722):

Attaining Frontier Tamer achievement will reward you an offhand item

Additionally these can be “upgraded” to ethereal prestige counterparts from Sarya Val’Sara <Currency Merchant> in Obulus Frontier (/way -232, 91, -241):

Class Epic 2.0 Rewards

Quest 1 Quest 2 Quest 3 Quest 4
Fighters Fist of the Protectors
Towershield of the Protectors
Receptacle of Time and Space Protector’s Long-Bow of Time and Space
Protector’s Satchel of Time and Space
Girdle of Captain Luther Taros 
Mages Jewel of The Three Akashic Waystone Band of the Infinite Voidwrought Wand
Priests Dogma Stone Dogma Jewel Tears of Spiritual Devotion Gossamer Blade
Gossamer Thread Bow
Gossamer Thread Wand
Scouts Golden Necklace of Rime Blade of the Naya’Patel
Bow of the Naya’Patel
Dola’s Mother’s Locket Bristlebane’s Envy
Fighter Epic 2.0 Mage Epic 2.0
Berserker The Awakened Dragon’s Temper Coercer The Awakened Eye of the Siren
Bruiser The Awakened Gorynn’s Fist Conjuror The Awakened Elemental Dominance
Guardian The Awakened Vel’Arek Illusionist The Awakened Mirage Star
Monk The Awakened Hand of Serenity Necromancer The Awakened Vazaelle, the Mad
Paladin The Awakened Truth of Marr Warlock The Awakened Death’s Grip
Shadowknight The Awakened Sedition, Sword of the Bloodmoon Wizard The Awakened Dragon’s Marrow
Priest Epic 2.0 Scout Epic 2.0
Channeler The Awakened Spiritbreaker, Eianosheoll’s Folly Assassin The Awakened Fang of Ichor
Defiler The Awakened Dream Scorcher Beastlord The Awakened Claws of Khati Sha
Fury The Awakened Wrath of Nature Brigand The Awakened Havoc, Blade of Treachery
Inquisitor The Awakened Penitent’s Absolution Dirge The Awakened Lamentation of the Intrepid
Templar The Awakened Impact of the Sacrosanct Ranger The Awakened Eagle’s Talon
Mystic The Awakened Spear of Obviation Swashbuckler The Awakened Charm’s Way
Warden The Awakened Bite of the Wolf Troubadour The Awakened Ayonic Axe

Currency & Faction Merchants

Vendor Sarya Val’Sara <Currency Merchant> in Obulus Frontier (/way -232, 91, -241):