Arcanna’se Spire: Vessel of the Sorceress [Event Heroic]

Zone Info

  • Recommended Resolve: 190


(P#) puzzle clickies for Secret Puzzle Mount (visit Secrets of Kunark for more details)
(1) The Crystallized Construct
(2) The Armor of Sul
(3) Sorceress Gwen’vae <Vestige of the Sulite>

Encounter Strategies

(1) The Crystallized Construct

Before the fight

  • As soon as you enter the main chamber, NPC version of Gwen’vae will start pathing down the room and emote
  • Once she finishes emoting, sentries around the room will start turning aggro
  • You may want to kill these before you pull the name, or they will join the fight

Fight mechanics

  • Tank n spank
  • Massive AOE with knock back
Buffs & Detriments

(2) The Armor of Sul

Before the fight

  • As soon as construct dies, several Sulite mobs will spawn around the room
  • Clear the room of animated Sulites to spawn the name

Fight mechanics

  • Once you pull the name you will have short time to burn it before it gains immunity
  • Once the armor gains increments, he will absorb 10% of incoming damage for each increment
  • Throughout the fight random players will be struck by lightning from on of the two orbs on the side of the room
  • This player needs to position themselves so that Armor is standing between them and the orb, meaning the lightning bolt must be piercing the name
  • Once the bolt pierces the name, it will lose one increment
  • Repeat this process throughout the fight to make him lose increments
  • Additionally there will be power bolts wondering around the room
  • f you’re struck by this bolt you will be stifled for couple seconds
Buffs & Detriments

(3) Sorceress Gwen’vae

Fight mechanics

  • Throughout the fight name gains and immunity buff for couple seconds (she grows)
  • You can burn her once it goes down (she shrinks)
  • She will keep spawning waves of adds, which can be ignored
  • Additionally she will call out random players and cast a tornado which will follow that player around
  • If anyone comes close to one of the tornadoes you will be knocked far back
  • It’s recommended to fight this name around one of the pillars with orbs, to minimize the knock backs you will keep getting from the tornadoes
Buffs & Detriments