Crypt of Dalnir: Ritual Chamber [Heroic]


Zone Info

  • Recommended Resolve: 240


(A) Quest starter for Timed Mission “Rune Run”
(B) Quest starter for Timed Mission “Rest in Pieces”
(H) Plundered house furniture Sarnak Lifeblood Statue
(1) The Sacrificed <Cursed Goblin Soul>
(2) Rector Droz’Kzar <The Grand Benefactor>
(3) Izzak Sira <Curator of the Runes>
(4) The Polar Amalgam <Triad Golem>, The Toxic Amalgam <Triad Golem> & The Arcane Amalgam <Triad Golem>
(5) The Kly <Lord of the Crypt>

Timed Missions

Rune Run

Time: 8m (solo) | #m (heroic)
Start: Click on any a rune foundation (A) after killing ### in that room
Goal: Activate 4 runes

  1. Kill a rune keeper and activate a rune foundation at:
    • /way -120 -38 -404
    • /way -93 -38 -268
    • /way 90 -38 -266
  2. Kill Izzak (3)
  3. Click on a rune foundation at /way 122 -38 -398

Rest in Pieces

Time: 4m (solo) | #m (heroic)
Start: Destroy a cracked wall and enter any of the inset tomb (B)
Goal: Entomb the 4 undead iksar

  1. Break the a cracked wall at:
    • /way 182 -33 -420
    • /way 212 -33 -421
    • /way 287 -33 -347
    • /way 288 -33 -315
  2. Go inside and kill waves of 3 adds: a released mummified noble, a released skeletal noble and a released spectral noble
  3. Click on the coffin after third mob dies

Encounter Strategies

(1) The Sacrificed

Fight mechanics

  • Stay within 10m of the name
  • Standing further then 10m away will cause permanent root
  • Power drain
  • Spawns add which ‘replace’ group members
    • Replaced players will be ported into hall behind the name and start falling down
    • Burn the add fast before that person falls to the bottom and dies
    • Once add dies, replaced player comes back
Buffs and Detriments

(2) Rector Droz’Kzar

Before the fight

  • Clear out the main chamber of any gooblin and Kly ghost mobs

Fight mechanics

  • There are 4 encounters of 4 Kly believers in the main chamber
  • When you engage the name, he’s rooted at the sacrifice stable and takes no damage
  • You will have to pull one encounter of believers and kill it
  • After first encounter is dead, name will port to your group, tank should be ready to snap it
  • Burn the name down to 80% and be ready to joust right away
  • Once Rector reaches 80% of his HP, he will teleport to the table again and root and become immune
  • He will also drop a non-aggro totem which must be jousted instantly
  • Failing to joust away from the totem will cause you to die, and be thrown far away and across the room
  • After that kill the next encounter and repeat the same step at 60%, 40% and 20%
  • After final encounter of believers is dead, it’s tank n spank on the name
Buffs and Detriments

After the fight

  • After Rector dies, all but one door in the main chamber will open
  • To spawn the next name, go through the steps described in timed quest Rune Run (it is not necessary to do it in timely manner)

(3) Izzak Sira

Before the fight

  • Go back to rooms with rune foundations (A) and remember each color of symbol above foundation for each room
  • These rooms is where fight will actually take place

Fight mechanics

  • When you pull the name he will be immune to any damage
  • There is a huge pulse damage component that does roughly 3-5m damage every 2s, and most of it bleeds through the wards
  • It’s highly advise to have healers who have strong group HoT (chain healers will find it hard to run this fight solo)
  • About 5-10s into the fight, colored circles will spawn leading all the way to main chamber
  • Stepping into these circles will significantly boost your movement speed and minimize pulse damage
  • Goal here is to lead the name to the room with colored symbol where color is equal to color of the circles that started spawning when you engaged the name
  • Once you enter the correct room, there will be 6 circles around the rune foundation
  • Each player must enter and stand in one of the circles
  • As soon as you enter the circles you will be rooted until script ends
  • DO NOT enter circles which are already occupied by other players, or this will cause you to fail the script and be unable to progress the fight
  • Once each player occupies one of the 6 circles, foundation explodes and circles will disappear, and name starts taking damage
  • Back away from foundation and lead the name back to the entrance of that rune (staying around the foundation may cause problems later in the script)
  • When name starts taking damage it’s a simple tank n spank
  • With high enough dps, it’s possible to kill him before new sets of circles appears
  • If you don’t kill Izzak fast enough, a new set of circles will appear
  • You have to repeat the running around to next room (or possibly the same room) and repeat the script to make him take damage again
Buffs and Detriments

After the fight

  • Go back sacrificial table in main chamber and face the wall behind it. On the wall you’ll see 4 colored symbols
  • From left to right remember the order of colors
  • Go up top, clear the gooblins along the way, then in that order click on foundations with appropriately colored symbols

(4) The Polar Amalgam, The Toxic Amalgam & The Arcane Amalgam

Before the fight

  • Find the Toxic Amalgam, this is the name you want to engage first
  • Figure out who in the group will be tanking incoming names
  • It’s usually suggested to get a summoner with tank pet, or at least a dps who can hold aggro with a chain healer
  • Remember, the names must be held at least 25m apart, anything less then that will cause them to increases their damage and their DR
  • Standing within 15m of any of the Amalgams will significantly debuff several of your stats!

Fight mechanics

  • Start with Toxic Amalgam
    • Standing within 15m of Toxic Amalgam will debuff your Casting and Attack Speed
  • When Toxic Amalgam hits 70% of his HP, he will call for help and Arcane Amalgam will join in the fight
  • Preciously designated secondary tank needs to grab and hold Arcane Amalgam before he reaches Toxic Amalgam
    • Standing within 15m of Arcane Amalgam will debuff your Potency and DPS
  • Kill Toxic Amalgam first, then start burning Arcane Amalgam
  • Primary tank should not aggro this mob, but instead wait for final name to join the fight
  • Once Arcane Amalgam goes bellow 30% of his HP, Polar Amalgam will join the fight
  • Primary tank needs to grab and hold this mob
  • Kill Arcane Amalgam then finally kill the Polar Amalgam
    • Standing within 15m of Polar Amalgam will debuff your Crit Bonus and movement speed
Buffs and Detriments

(5) The Kly

Before the fight

  • As soon as you enter inner parts of Ritual Chamber a Kly overseer will appear
  • When you talk to him you have two options:
    • Do not damage him and wait for him to lose all increments: Triggers regular mode
    • Burn him fast enough and kill him before he loses all increments: Triggers challenge mode
  • Look around the main chamber and you’ll see two rooms to the east and west
  • You will need to designate two people who will run to these rooms and call out colors of the spheres during the fight
  • Up top, to the north, there are two more rooms, both with 6 spheres and a button for each sphere bellow them
  • You will need to designate a single person who will run to these rooms and click appropriate buttons

Fight mechanics

  • Pull the name and start burning him fast
  • If you don’t burn him fast enough, he will create ghostly reflections around the room, and you will need to kill at least half of them to continue the fight
  • Once he reaches 80% of his HP, he will teleport to the blood table and start casting a spell
  • You have about 20s before he finishes casting, and if you fail to counter the script he will fully heal
  • This will happen at 80%, 60%, 40% and 20% of his HP
  • Once this part of the script starts, previously designated two players in main chamber need to run to their rooms and call out which color are the spheres in them
  • The player up top then needs to click two buttons, one in each room, that belong to spheres with those exact colors