Crypt of Dalnir: Wizard’s Den [Event Heroic]


Zone Info

  • Recommended Resolve: 240


(1) The Rock Collector <Likes Rocks>
(2) Nazkra <Exhumed Crusader>
(3) The Gooblin King <Acidic Mold>

Encounter Strategies

(1) The Rock Collector

Before the fight

  • Clear out all cavern dwellers to spawn the name

Fight mechanics

  • Name must be pulled in water or he will take no damage, preferably pull it near waterfwall
  • Shortly into the fight, he will cast a yellow circle with a big radius (+20m). Anyone standing inside it will get a curse, which significantly debuffs your Crit Bonus
  • Throughout the fight the name will cast Rock Smash, causing massive pulse AOE damage unless cured
Buffs & Detriments

(2) Nazkra

Before the fight

  • Do not pull any adds in the room in which name patrols
  • Instead wait for the name to path to either end of the hallway and then pull just him

Fight mechanics

  • Tank n spank with a twist
  • Throughout the fight adds will join the fight
  • If you kill any of the adds, name will get an increment of Legion’s Sacrifice, and with each increment gets a greater chance to absorb damage
  • At 50 increments of Legion’s Sacrifice you will wipe
  • It’s advised to use singular focus and no AOEs and just burn the name
Buffs & Detriments

(3) The Gooblin King

Before the fight

  • Upon entering the zone everyone will receive Soothsayer’s Bomb Dispenser, link it to your hotbar
  • Before engaging agree upon order in which bomb will be used
  • If you use several bombs at a time you will bug the script and name will still be immune
    • If this happens, wait 30s after using the last bomb, and then use another one

Fight mechanics

  • Name has a buff called Amorphous Defense and is immune to damage, unless Soothsayer’s Bomb Dispenser is used on it
  • Once you use the bomb you will have 30s to burn the name, after which he gets the Amorphous Defense back
  • Additionally adds will spawn throughout the fight, tank needs to grab and turn them as fast as possible as they have nasty frontal
  • If you’re struggling with adds, then one player will have to go to the platform in the middle of the room
    • On this platform there are 8 switches and 4 levers, and around the room you will see 4 test tubes (there’s 2 switches and 1 lever for each tube)
    • From there you will see an NPC ghost levitating towards one of the test tubes, go in and doors will close behind him
    • From the platform, face the switches and lever that are overlooking the tube that the ghost went in
    • First pull 2 switches, and finally pull a lever. This will prevent gooblin from spawning
Buffs & Detriments