Plane of Disease: Infested Mesa

Zone Info

  • Zone Tier: Heroic T2
  • Resolve Requirement: 471


  • 1 – Deathbone
  • 2 – The Carrion Walker
  • 3 – Grimror


Start by clearing all the mobs that you can see to spawn Deathbone.

(1) Deathbone

Fight mechanics

  • Tank n spank.
  • Name starts with 10 increments of Defy Death. This means that you must kill 10 a deadly contagion mobs that keep spawning, before you can kill the name. If he’s killed before he loses all the increments, he will just fully heal.
  • Dying during this fight will increase Defy Death by 1 increment each time!
  • Randomly casts Parasitism, a trauma detriment, which if expires spawns a mob that reduces that person potency through Parasitised! until killed.
Buffs and Detriments

After Deatbone dies, two dozen pus-filled boil will span throughout this entire area which will keep spawning mobs. Kill all the boils to make all the trash mobs disappear.

(2) The Carrion Walker

Fight mechanics

  • Starts with 12 increments of Defy Death and applies the same mechanics of add killing.
  • Randomly people with get Organ Failure, which gives that person 3 detriments. These detriments must be cancelled in a correct order (drag your mouse over the specific detriment, right click and cancel).
  • Order is given out depending on which spheres appear. Only one sphere will appear at the time:
    • Red Sphere – Organ Failure: Heart
    • Blue Sphere – Organ Failure: Brain
    • Green Sphere – Organ Failure: Stomach
  • You will have 20 seconds to cancel all 3 in the correct order.
  • Failing to do it in timely manner, or doing it in an incorrect order will kill you instantly.
Buffs and Detriments

(3) Grimror <Collector of Death>

Before fight

  • Before you pull the name, take a loot at 4 portals that appear around the area (yellow circles).
  • Position at least one person for each portal.

Fight mechanics

  • Part I
    • Grimor is rooted and can’t be damaged during this time.
    • This part lasts for 2 minutes.
    • During this period a revenant of death mobs will keep spawning and start moving towards the name.
    • If they reach the name, they will increase Defying Death by one increment per mob.
    • Although the revenants can’t be damage if you hit them often enough they will disappear, so spam your fastest casting offensive abilities.
    • You can also slow, root and stun these mobs!
  • Part II
    • As soon as 2m timer expires, the actual fight starts.
    • In case you wipe, this is where the fight will start from now on.
    • He starts off with at last 15 increments of Defying Death, or more if any revenant managed to get to him.
    • 4 non-aggro clickable mobs will spawn:
      • a Generian Larvae corpse
      • a Harrion Larvae corpse
      • a Scaevian Larvae corpse
      • a Sengian Larvae corpse
    • Throughout the fight the name will gain buff that’s called either:
      • Generian Larvae Flesh
      • Harrion Larvae Flesh
      • Scaevian Larvae Flesh
      • Sengian Larvae Flesh
    • And the everyone in the group will get one of the incurable detriments:
      • Generian Host
      • Harrion Host
      • Scaevian Host
      • Sengian Host
    • During this period, name will keep gaining increments and for each one he gains additional DR and damage increase.
    • To get rid of the buff, a person with the same named detriment as the names buff, will have to click on the same named larvae corpse.
    • For example, if the name gets Harrion Larvae Flesh the player with the Harrion Host detriment will have to click on the a Harrion Larvae corpse.
    • Letting the name generate increments for too long is gonna be get stressful on your healers, so you may want to deal with this a soon as possible.
    • Be careful when clicking the larvae corpses, clicking the wrong one will kill you.
Buffs and Detriments