Plane of Disease: Outbreak

Zone Info

  • Zone Tier:
  • Resolve Requirement:


  • 1 – Felkruk
  • 2 – The Carrion & Malarian Larvae
  • 3 – The Flesh Eater
  • 4 – High Dragoon V’Alir
  • 5 – Rallius Rattican

Timed Missions


Last House Crypts

Start by clicking on a Last House crpyt which will spawn an add that needs to be killed (a pestilent rat, a putrid pile, a scaevian swarm, a vile larva or an arachnae infestor) located around the entrance (marked by big purple circle). After killing about 10 of these, Felkruk and all the Springview Healers will turn aggro.

(1) Felkruk <Sprinfview Healer>

Before the fight

  • Clear out all the Springview Healers around this area, so as not to pull them while you fight.

Fight mechanics

  • Tank n spank
  • Throughout the fight you get a det called Awakened Affliction, which significantly drops your fervor.
  • Once cured it turns into an incurable Dormant Affliction, which does nothing.
  • Throughout the fight the affliction det will keep turning dormant, so fast cures are suggested to avoid dps gaps.
Buffs and Detriments

Bubonic Boneyard

After defeating Felkruk, loot and immediately use Springview Healer Mask, to prevent massive damage that you’ll receive walking through the next corridor unprotected. Navigate your way north while trying to avoid unnecessary trash mobs.

(2) The Carrion & Malarian Larvae

Before the fight

  • Clear out all the trash around this area, so as not to pull them while you fight.

Fight mechanics

  • Tank n spank
  • Throughout the fight calls in a carrion leecher adds
Buffs and Detriments


After defeating the Larvae, loot Hirudin Extract, this will be used in the next fight. Make your way back, just a little east and south and you will find a path leading up to the hill in center of the zone. When walking down this path you will see green clouds you need ot pass through. Running into this cloud will stun you for a short duration. A big tentacle mob a giant leecher will spawn, which can’t be damaged until all of a a pusling leaker mobs are killed.

(3) The Flesh Eater

Before the fight

  • Once on top, don’t bother killing any of a fleshclot mobs as they will immediately repop.
  • Use Hirudin Extract before the pull, it will prevent massive healing this mob does.

Fight mechanics

  • Watch where you’re standing. Standing inside the water gives you an incurable Rotmere detriment which does moderate damage every 4 seconds.
  • It has a buff Amorphous Tissue which heals him for a quarter of health every second. It’s imperative that everyone has the Hirudin Extract used in this fight, to counter the healing effects!
  • Throughout the fight name will start grafting adds on top of him and gaining increments of Skin Graft for each one add it absorbs.
  • For each increment of Skin Graft, name will heal for 10% and significantly increase the rate of its attacks.
Buffs and Detriments

The Crypt of Decay

After killing The Flesh Feader, make your way back down the heal, then continue on the path towards west, then take path to the southern corridor.

(4) High Dragoon V’Alir <The Ultramagnetic>

Fight mechanics

  • Tank n spank with joust.
  • Comes with two a metallic squire adds.
  • When the name start casting Magnetic Discharge joust about 25. Anyone in the range when the spell lands will get hit my a massive damage and be sent flying back.
  • Killing his adds will not technically kill them. Although they’re out of the fight for good, they fall down. Their dead bodies will cause areal effect Magnetic Field, which you will need to get out of, so go over 20m away from the fallen squires.
  • While standing in the radius of Magnetic Field, the incoming damage will double, you’ll lose all your fervor and your casting and movement speed are reduced.
Buffs and Detriments

Bileburn Clot

After killing Dragoon, everyone needs to loots Damaged Rune of Symbiosis, then make your way back north, then take a path to the right that leads to Rallius.

(5) Rallius Rattican <Plaguebringer Devout>

Before fight

  • Everyone needs to use Damaged Rune of Symbiosis to be able to pass through the green barrier (marked by big green circle).
  • Standing inside the water will cause incurable Bileburn detriment, which does moderate amount of damage every 4 seconds.
  • Circle around and make your way to the small isle in the water on the west side of this area. This is the best location to fight this encounter.
  • Do not run into golden wisps as they will cause incurable detriment Lethargy that reduces your movement speed and prevents you from targeting anything.

Fight mechanics

  • Rallius and adds are very social, and although not a linked encounter, pulling any of the mobs on that isle will pull all of them.
  • Rile has a Dominion of Disease buff which makes him immune to any damage while on the main isle.
  • He also has a buff called Infestation, which gives him a chance to cast on you incurable increments of Bubonic Plague, which increases damage done to you by 10% per increment.
  • He will cast Outbreak on random players, which upon expiration teleports that player to the main isle.
Buffs and Detriments