Plane of Disease: The Source

Zone Info

  • Zone Tier: Heroic T2
  • Resolve Requirement: 471


  • T – Teleport to The Crypt of Decay
  • 1 – Blighthorn
  • 2 – Rancine
  • 3 – Gryme
  • 4 – Darvol & Wavadozzik Adan
  • 5 – Bhaly Adan


Canker Shoers

Start by clearing all a vilehoof festrus mobs around the big field by the entrance (marked by a big red circle). Once all encounters are dead, Blighthorn will spawn at the entrance of the crypt and make his way towards the field.

(1) Blighthorn <Festrus Lord>

Fight mechanics

  • Tank n spank.
  • BIg knockback and stun from Wild Stampede.
  • Spawns a blighted festrus adds throughout the fight. Adds do short range (4m) AoE that stuns for a short duration and give Blighthorn DR for each add that is up.
Buffs and Detriments

Pus Flats

Move southwest and clear a dozen or so of a puslin leaper mobs until you get a message “A massive pusling spews forth from the rancid depths of Pus Flats!“. Once you that message, Rancine will spawn and path around isles in south east part of flats.

(2) Rancine <Lesion of Doom>

Before fight

  • Clear out any trash mobs around the area where you’ll fight the name.
  • Also clear mobs from surrounding isles, as you will be running around these throughout the fight.

Fight mechanics

  • Tank n spank.
  • Calls forth non aggro wisps from nearby budding lesions (they will light up with red particle effect) which start moving towards the name.
  • At that moment name will gain Pus Bubble, which gives him a massive DR for the duration of this script as well as reflect, so stop dps.
  • One or two players need to run out and sever the connection from budding lesions, by clicking on the ones that lit up.
  • If the connection is not severed by the time wisps reach the name, an add a lesion of doom will spawn.
  • For each lesion that is up, your main stats will bee significantly reduced and you will receive 40% more damage for each add.
Buffs and Detriments

Glutton Gorge

After killing Rancine, make you way to the southern most island using bone bridges. Click on grotesque visage (marked by blue circle) to receive Grotesque Visage. Use the visage, which will make you immune to the acidic water, and allow you to pass through the barrier into Crypt of Decay. After that make your way back to the shore, then continue on path to north.

(3) Gryme <Crypt Guardian>

Fight mechanics

  • Tank n spank.
  • Pull the name next to the non aggro mob a construct of decay.
  • At the start of the fight you’ll gain an incurable detriment Contaminated Air, which does moderate damage every 4 seconds.
  • First time name emotes “You notice torn flesh in Gyrme’s Shin!
  • Someone in the group has to right click on Gryme and select “Kick ’em in the shin
  • This will knock down the giant on construct of decay, who in turn drops down barrier. When this happens, Contaminated Air is suspended for a short duration.
  • After a while, another emote pops “Gyrme’s shin is ready for another kicking!“. Keep kicking him in the shin to mitigate the damage of Contaminated Air.
Buffs and Detriments

The Crypt of Decay

Enter The Crypt of Decay through the portal (marked as T).

(4) Darvol Adan <The Last King> & Wavadozzik Adan <The Seventh King>

Before fight

  • Pick the first name you want to fight. Although you will not be fighting them at the same time, as soon as you kill one of them, you will be ported to the room with the other one.

Fight mechanics

  • Darvol Adan (4A)
    • Tank n spank.
    • Casts Soul Devour curse which increments and halves your max HP with each increment.
    • Eventually he will start casting Devouring Souls, he gains complete immunity and starts gaining increments of Devoured Souls.
    • At that point a random player will get Affliction of the Twelfth detriment. This detriment will last for 30 seconds. If it expires, person with the detriment will die.
    • Be careful not to cure it immediately though! Person who has Affliction of the Twelfth also protects that person from taking damage while swimming in the water in the center of the room.
    • That player then has 30s to run to the pool, grab a barrel from the water, and like furniture place it bellow Darvol.
    • The barrel of volatile pus will turn aggro, and killing it will explode and make Darvol stop casting Devouring Souls and pull him back to the fight.
    • Repeat the barrel script every time Darvol starts devouring souls.
  • Wavadozzik Adan (4B)
    • DPS check fight.
    • You will have to react fast to prevent wipe.
    • During the fight the static an arachnae nest mobs will spawn in one of the 4 possible locations, on top of 4 pillars in center of the room (marked by blue circles).
    • They have low HP and need to be killed as fast as possible (with high enough dps, this step can be avoided and you can just burn the name).
    • Letting these mobs linger for too long will cuse them to emote “An arachnae nest begins to ooze toxic liquid into th pit!“, which raises the level of water in the pool.
    • If the water level raises higher then the height of the pool, it spills into room and you will wipe.
    • Additionally, through the fight name will gain Armor of the 7th King, which gives him a massive DR.
    • To remove this buff, you need to drag Wavadozzik bellow the nest that needs to be then killed.
    • If successful it will emote “The destroyed nest releases the rest of it’s toxins in an explosive spray!” and name will drop the DR buff.
    • Casts curse called Seven Fanged Curse which slowly increments.
    • If allowed to expire it kills the cursed player.
    • While under the effect of the curse, you will consume health instead of power when casting abilities.
    • Additionally, if you cast anything while under the effects, it has a chance to increment the curse!
Buffs and Detriments
Darvol Adan 4A Wavadozzik Adan 4B

Inner Chamber

Make your way to inner chamber. The bone door (marked by purple rectangle) will now open when you approach it.

(5) Bhaly Adan <The Founder>

Before fight

  • Take a note of location of the 4 Infected Microbes (marked by yellow circles).
  • Name is linked with a rooted mob Manifestation of Disease which has 4 increments of Microbial Cell, each one giving him 25% DR.

Fight mechanics

  • Pull Adan next to Manifestation.
  • Infected Microbes have Genetic Mutation buff which replenishes during the fight.
  • One person needs to run around the room clicking on Microbes.
  • Every time you click it, Manifestation of Disease will drop one increment of Microbial Cell.
  • During the fight Adan will gain Communion of Plagues buff, which gives him immunity to damage as long as there are at least 10 spores in the air.
  • Spores come from Manifestation of Disease and it will keep replenishing them as fight goes on.
  • You can’t target or do anything with spores, the only way to reduce them is to keep burning the Manifestation.
  • Throughout the fight a Primordial Malice cultist mobs will join in on the fight. DO NOT kill these. Every time you kill a cultist, random person in the group will die.
Buffs and Detriments