Plane of Innovation: Gears in the Machine

Zone Info

  • Zone Tier: Heroic T2
  • Resolve Requirement: 471
  • This zone is filled with very social mobs, a lot if which fly around and even respawn. Try not to wonder off away from the group.


  • F – Furnace, walking close to it will root you for a moderate amount of time.
  • 1 – Repair Bot 5000
  • 2 – Powered Mechanization
  • 3 – Toa the Shiny
  • 4 – The Junk Beast
  • 5 – The Manaetic Behemoth


Make your way west first and avoid or kill mobs that lead up to the name. Watch out for furnaces (marked by big red circles), which will stun you every time you pass close by.

(1) Repair Bot 5000

Before the fight

  • Clear adds in this area, if you don’t want to pull them by accident.

Fight mechanics

  • Mostly joust fight.
  • When the Bot gains Planar Bubble, he becomes immune and starts gathering parts.
  • The Bot is gonna be casting Gather Spare Parts. Further away you are from the name, less damage you get. Up 9m away from the name is gonna hit with a massive strike, so try to stay at least 10m away before that hit lands.
  • Each casting of Gather Spare Parts will also drain power, savagry and dissonance, as well as heal the Bot by 25%.
Buffs and Detriments

Make your way back and take the road leading to the east side of the zone then follow north until you reach the small room with Powered Mechanization.

(2) Powered Mechanization

Before the fight

  • Kill the only add in the room before you pull.

Fight mechanics

  • Simple tank n spank.
  • Throughout the fight name will port to one of two positions (where it’s located before the pull, or right next to it) and shoot a big laser beam that will kill anything standing in front of him.
  • You don’t have much time to react, so quickly move to other half of the room that’s not in front of the name.
Buffs and Detriments

After Mechanization is dead go through the west door and follow the path to Toa and his gang. Careful, lots of trash mobs and furnaces around.

(3) Toa the Shiny

Before the fight

  • Clear the mobs in this room, so as not to pull them by accident during the fight.

Fight mechanics

  • Comes linked with Keewi the Shiner and Brasoh the Polisher.
  • Control matching burn: Try to burn all 3 equally and keep their health around the same %.
  • Burning adds too fast will make then name protect them and emote will appear “Due to his high health, Toa protects his minions from death!
  • Throughout the fight name will emote “Toa the shiny gains an electric charge through their chassis!” and gain Planar Bubble, which makes him immune to damage for a short duration.
  • Additionally, hitting Toa while under the effects of Short Circuit buff with auto attack or abilities will cause massive damage and power drain back onto you.
  • Wait for Toa to lose the charge then continue the fight as regular.
Buffs and Detriments

After killing Toa’s gang, turn around and go through the door in east.

(4) The Junk Beast

Before the fight

  • To spawn the name, approach the heap of junk. Name will turn instantly aggro and attack you.

Fight mechanics

  • Simple tank n spank.
Buffs and Detriments

After killing the beast, go back to the small room where you fought Mechanization, and this time take the door to the west, leading to the final name.

(5) The Manaetic Behemoth

Before the fight

  • Clear the trash mobs my the door then proceed down the path leading to stairs. Meldrath the Malignant will spawn, who then goes through a dialogue, after which the Behemoth spawns on the stairs. He instantly turns aggro and attacks you.
  • It’s highly advised that entire group stacks up on Trauma remedies.

Fight mechanics

  • High spikes in the damage, will moderately heal the name because of Ones and Zeros buff he has.
  • Throughout the fight, he gains Opening Weaponry Doors, gets a root and 95% DR, and red circles start spawning on the ground.
  • Joust outside of those circles, as he shoots missiles towards them. You have about 5s to get out before they explode.
  • Dying in this fight will result in Reconstruction of Innovation to heal the name 10% for each death.
  • Additionally, random group members will get several increments of a trauma ???. If any of them are not cured before they expire, it’s an instant wipe.
Buffs and Detriments