Solusek Ro’s Tower: Here comes the Sun


  1. Keep killing mobs in any of the rooms. After a couple of waves of these mobs, a clickable a glowing sphere called Icons of The Burning Prince will spawn (red circles). After you click the sphere, move to other rooms, before the killed mobs respawn again.
  2. After 50 of the icons are clicked, all the mobs in the zone will disappear and Avatar of Flames will spawn (yellow circle). Navigate your way to middle room of the second floor using teleports (exactly like in The Monolith of Fire). And kill the named mob. Pay attention to fireballs that drop from the ceiling, which knock back everyone standing on the central platform.


  • 5 Tears of Ro
  • Shard of the Arcana: Solusek
    • 5 Planar Quintessences (always)
    • 35 resolve mercenary gear: chest, feet, forearms, hands, head, legs, shoulders (uncommon)
    • 17 resolve armor piece: feet, forearms, hands, head, shoulders (common)
    • 24 resolve jewelry piece: charm, ear, finger, wrist (uncommom)
    • 24 resolve ranged weapon (uncommon)
    • Familiar Cage (rare)
    • Divine Attribute Crate (rare)
    • Celestial Ascension (rare)
    • Adept or Expert Ascension Recipes (common)