Solusek Ro’s Tower: Monolith of Fire

Zone Info

  • Zone Tier:
  • Resolve Requirement:
  • Throughout the zone you will randomly get a curable elemental debuff Burning Mana, which will cause you to lose health instead of power every time you cast anything. The amount of health taken is equal to power cost of the ability being cast.


  • T1 – Teleport to the west wing of 2nd floor
  • T2 – Teleport to the east wing of 2nd floor
  • T3 – Teleports to center of the 2nd floor
  • T4 – Teleport to 3rd floor
  • T5 – Teleports to central area of 3rd floor
  • 1 – Jiva
  • 2 – Estryxia
  • 3 – So’Valiz
  • 4 – Xuzl
  • 5 – Solusek Ro / Avatar of the Sun

Timed Missions


1st Floor

Start by clearing east and west wing of the first floor. Destroy each of the 6 Shard of Obsidian (green circles), 3 on each side, which causes lava pedestals to raise in the middle of the rooms. This will cause Jiva to spawn in central area of the first floor.

(1) Jiva <Fire Incarnate>

Before the fight

  • Notice the 5 small platforms on each side and corner of the pool in the middle, this is where members of your group, preferably dps and a tank will stand during the fight.

Fight mechanics

  • Jiva is permanently rooted in place on the platform in the middle of the room.
  • When the fight starts, the platform will drop into lava and anyone standing on it will drop too.
  • Shortly after, he emotes “Jiva seeks his revenge” and name will gain immunity to damage from the buff Heat Shield.
  • A message appears “A memory of your past is seared into your mind. You feel its call…” followed by a gargoyle apparition spawning on one of the 5 platforms.
  • Only one person can stand on that platform, and whoever stands in it will get the message “Jiva’s Heat Shield is now vulnerable to your attacks!” They can then damage the name.
  • After a while another message appears “Another memory is seared into your mind“, so another dps has to assume position on the platform where other gargoyle will spawn.
  • Repeat this until all 5 platforms are filled with apparitions and one player on each of the platforms.
Buffs and Detriments

2st Floor

West Wing

Start by clearing out all the trash mobs in the hallway, including the Shard Shard of Obsidian (green circle). Once you clear out all mobs, the door to NAME will unlock.

(2) Estryxia <Span of Flames>

Before the fight

  • Clear out the room of the trash mobs, so as not to pull them during the fight.

Fight mechanics

  • Name will start out with 4 increments of From the Ashes. Each increment reduces the incoming damage by 10%.
  • Each time Estryxia dies, she will lose one increment of the buff and fully heal.
  • Once increments are gone, she can be finally killed.
  • TODO: add fire pillar mechanic
Buffs and Detriments

East Wing

Start by clearing out all the trash mobs in the hallway, including the Shard Shard of Obsidian (green circle). While going down the hallway, a fire tornadoes will start appearing in the hallway. Running through these will cause additional mobs to spawn. Once you clear out all mobs, the door to NAME will unlock.

(3) So’Valiz <The Scald>

Before the fight

  • Clear out the room of the trash mobs, so as not to pull them during the fight.
  • Notice the 2 pillars at south and north part of the room. Each pillar is surrounded by 10 So’Valiz’s Claws which are facing outwards.
  • Designate one player who will be running between the pillars.

Fight mechanics

  • Pull the name in the central area of the room.
  • Throughout the fight name will emote one of the two possible messages:
    1. The NORTHERN claws must match the SOUTHERN claws!
    2. The SOUTHERN claws must match the NORTHERN claws!
  • When the message appears, name will gain Scorched Scales buff which roots him and makes him completely immune to any damage.
  • Certain claws on one of the pillars will change the position inwards, while the claws on other pillar will become movable.
  • Depending on which message appears, the designated player will have to run to one of the pillars then to the opposite.
    • If message 1. appears, player will have to run to the southern pillar, then to the northern one.
    • If message 2. appears, player will have to run to the northern pillar, then to the southern one.
  • They will have to remember the which claws have changed position to inwards, then run to the opposite pillar and click on the corresponding claws, to change their position, so it matching them exactly.
    • IMPORTANT: The pillars are not mirror images. So, let’s say you’re facing the pillar from east, marking each claw clockwise. If the claw at 4h changes to inward, then the claw on the opposite pillar at 4h while facing from east again, has to bee changed.
  • If you click all the correct claws, name will lose his stoneskin buff and you will be able to damage him again.
  • Failure to click all the pillars withing 1 minute of start of the script, will wipe your group.
  • Clicking the wrong claw will cause whoever clicked it to get an incurable DoT which does massive damage to them, most likely resulting in death.
Buffs and Detriments


Once Estryxia and So’Valiz are dead, use T3 teleport to get to the central area of the 2nd floor.

(4) Xuzl <Inferno Fiend>

Before the fight

  • Note the small squares with metal grids in the center of the map. These areas will be used as part of the fight.

Fight mechanics

  • Shortly into start of the fight, name will get a buff Obsidian Bond and become immune to all damage.
  • Randomly, small metal grids around this area will light up. Stepping into these small squares will send you flying up.
  • High on top is a mostly transparent pentagram shaped area that can be stood on.
  • You will have to utilize the jumping squares and try to land on the fiery lines (inner parts of the pentagram are transparent and you will fall through if you step on them).
  • When on the top, you will be able to target and attack 5 Shards of Obsidian mobs.
  • Falling bellow the pentagram, or just standing bellow and not jumping up, will prevent you from even targeting these adds.
  • Once all 5 of them are destroyed, name will lose Obsidian Bond buff, and gain 5 increments of Infernal Skin.
  • For each increment, name will take 25% less damage.
  • Look around and you will see 5 flame-branded swords on the ground, just bellow where Shards of Obsidian were hanging on the wall.
  • You will need to click these, and for each one you click name will lose one increment of Infernal Skin.
  • With increments gone, all you have to do is burn the name.
Buffs and Detriments

3rd Floor

Once you get on this floor, you will have to kill 8 Royal Guards of Ro (marked by blue circles) and click on the The Rays on the floor behind where they were standing. Once all 8 of these rays are activated, T5 teleports will unlock, and you will be able to get to final area of the zone.

(5) Solusek Ro <The Burning Prince> / Avatar of the Sun

Before the fight

  • Note the small triangles around the platform where Ro is located. These platforms will be utilized during the fight.
  • Only one player is allowed per platform.

Fight mechanics

  • As soon as the fight starts, a beam of light hits each of the small triangle platforms.
  • Standing in this beam of light will protect you from killing damage.
  • Whoever is not on the platform will not be protected and will die.
  • If more then one person is on one platform, only one will be protected, other(s) will die.
  • Not long into the fight, Ro will summon an NPC and converse with him. He goes away and Avatar of the Sun spawns.
  • As soon as he spawns he gains 240 increments of Solusek Ro’s Return. He loses one increment per second. If the counter reaches 0, it’s a wipe! You have 4m ti kill this encounter!
  • A message appears “The sun ray you’re standing on will soon vanish!” and Avatar will start casting spell called Supernova. After he finishes casting, the platforms will drop, you will have to jump away from the platforms and wait for them to reappear.
  • You may also be thrown around the room when the name casts Incinerate, so be ready to react fast to avoid landing into lava.
Buffs and Detriments