Solusek Ro’s Tower: Obsidian Core

Zone Info

  • Zone Tier: Heroic T1
  • Resolve Requirement: 378
  • Throughout the zone you will randomly get a curable elemental debuff Burning Mana, which will cause you to lose health instead of power every time you cast anything. The amount of health taken is equal to power cost of the ability being cast.


  • E – Operator of Fire (Elevator Operator)
  • 1 – Cindrax
  • 2 – The Molten Behemoth
  • 3 – Balrezu
  • 4 – Verlixa
  • 5 – Galremos


1st Floor

Start by clearing out all the trash mobs on this floor, in order to spawn Cindrax.

(1) Cindrax <Guardian of the Depths>

Before the fight

  • Note the 4 gargoyle statues in the room. These mobs will turn into aggro mobs during the fight ( Northwest / Northeast / Southwest / Southeast Solitude).

Fight mechanics

  • For the most part this fight is tank n spank.
  • Name will occasionally cast Stonepush which knock back whoever is holding aggro. Careful not to land in the lava or you will die.
  • [Solo Version]
    • Every 20% or so, one of the gargoyle statues will turn into an aggro mob and attack you.
    • When an add is up name gains Obsidian Shell, which grants complete immunity to any damage as long as any gargoyle add is alive.
  • [Heroic Version]
    • Every 20% or so, one person from the group will get ‘ported’ inside one of the statues, although the actual body will remain at the same place.
    • This person needs to call out which statue they are in, and the group has to move next to that statue and burn it down.
    • You will have 30 seconds to kill the statue, or the person who’s trapped in the gargoyle will die.
    • When an add is up name gains Obsidian Shell, which grants complete immunity to any damage.
    • To remove the stoneskin, either destroy the correct gargoyle or wait for 30 seconds.
Buffs and Detriments

2nd Floor

Once Cindrax is dead, an NPC named Operator of Fire spawn on the elevator in the center of the room. This NPC will server as elevator operator that will help navigate through 5 floors of this zone. Talk to him, and request to be sent to 2nd floor. Careful navigate your way through the corridor in the north. Stepping into fire in this corridor will hit you by Scorched, a short lasting incurable debuff that does will hit you for at least a quarter of your max HP. Killing slugs in this corridor will make them drop Magmucus.

(2) The Molten Behemoth

Before the fight

  • Designate one person who will be picking up molten rocks. This person will need couple of Magmucus from the slugs (body loot from the slugs in the corridor just before the name).

Fight mechanics

  • For most part fight is tank n spank.
  • When the name casts Magmatic Expulsion it will cause knock back with short duration
  • Throughout the fight name will emote “A molten rock is expelled from the behemoth! Get rid of it!“.
  • When that happens, a molten rock will spawn beneath the name. Each rock that drops pulses heat damage and heals the name.
  • Letting too many of these rocks stack will result in a massive damage, that may be extremely too hard to heal through.
  • Designated player has to Use Magmucus, click on the rock to pick it up like house furniture and place it on Ro’s Brazier at the end of the room (marked as red circle). This will destroy the rock.
  • Rinse and repeat this, while rest of the group burns the name.
Buffs and Detriments

3rd Floor

After The Molten Behemoth is dead, go back to the elevator and speak to Operator of Fire and request to go down to 3rd floor. Go through the corridor in south-west and kill all scorched fiends, and loot all the bodies. Make sure each member of the group gets Obsidian Sun Disc. This item will be used on the next floor to prevent massive damage from the fires in the corridors of the 4th floor.

(3) Balrezu <Cursed Fiend>

Before the fight

  • Clear the room of scorched fiends, in order to spawn Balrezu.

Fight mechanics

  • Every 25% or so, name will start casting Summoning Fiends and disappear after he finishes casting.
  • A couple of scorched fiends will spawn on top of the braziers in the room (marked by blue circles).
  • It is important to designate one of the adds and remember exact brazer where that add came from. Kill all other mobs, then kill this designated mob as the last one.
  • After you kill the last mob, you must click on the brazier it came from. Clicking on any other brazier will kill whoever does it!
  • When you click the right brazier, Balrezu will come back and the fight continues.
  • You only have short time to kill the adds and click the correct brazier. Failure to do so in timely manner will result in a wipe!
Buffs and Detriments

4th Floor

After Balrezu is dead, go back to the elevator and speak to Operator of Fire and request to go down to 4th floor. Before going through the corridor in south-east it’s now time to use Obsidian Sun Discs. This will prevent the fires in this corridor from killing you. Be careful though, once used, for 10 seconds you will be immune to the damage from the fire, however you will also not be able to do any damage to efreeti fire lords that inhabit this area. If you pull any adds, move into parts of corridor that are not on fire, kill them, then use the discs again to reach the final room.

(4) Verlixa <Order of Ro>

Before the fight

  • Note the 5 braziers in the room, 4 on the ground (marked by green circles) and 1 on the ceiling (marked by yellow circle).

Fight mechanics

  • Every 20% or so, name will teleport to the entrance of the room, root herself and become immune to damage.
  • She will then emote and start spawning non-targetable doppelgangers that will start moving towards brazier, one after another.
  • You must remember the order of the braziers that these mobs walk into. It’s important that you position yourself so you can see all 5 braziers in the room.
  • The number of ghost will increment by one each time the script runs, starting with 2 on the first run of the script.
  • Once all doppelgangers reach their brazier Verlixa disappears, a timer starts and you have to click braziers in correct order.
  • Successfully clicking the first correct brazier (where the initial doppelganger reached) will teleport you into exact replica of that room, with all the braziers in the same place.
  • In this room there will be an add called Shimmering Mirage that must be killed. Once you kill it, you must then click on the brazier that was reached by 2nd doppelganger, to be ported to another room.
  • Repeat this until a portal appears which leads back to the original room.
  • Coming back will cause Verlixa to lose her stoneskin and you can burn until the script repeats again.
  • The doppelganger script will repeat a total of 3 times for Solo and 4 for Heroic version.
  • When the doppelganger script starts you will gain incurable debuff Path of Flames, which when expires will wipe the group!
  • Clicking on the wrong brazier will result in death of person who clicked it!
Buffs and Detriments

5th Floor

After Verlixa is dead, go back to the elevator and speak to Operator of Fire and request to go down to 5th floor. Be ready to fight, as soon as you reach bottom, a ring event starts, as the rocks surrounding the elevator will start turning into mobs, a mass of living obsidian. The mobs will not start attacking unless you’re in their line of sight. Standing in the center of the elevator is a safe spot.

(5) Galremos <Obsidian Lord>

Before the fight

  • Finish the ring event by clearing all masses of living obsidian to spawn the name.
  • Note the 3 areas with lava pools (marked by purple circles)

Fight mechanics

  • Name itself is tank and spank.
  • Throughout the fight name will gain increments of One with the Core each time an add spawns.
  • For each increment he gains 15% damage reduction. With 7 increments, name will be completely immune.
  • Players with the Obsidian Sun Discs will have to approach these areas and click on them to “Dip the Obsidian Sun Discs” to make Galremos lose increments of One with the Core buffs.
  • If you bring an add down to 30%, you should all switch to this mob and kill it fast.
  • When an add is that close to dying it starts to self-destruct. If it succeeds casting it, random player will die (or possibly whoever holds the aggro on the mob).
Buffs and Detriments