Torden, Bastion of Thunder: Storm Chase

Zone Info

  • Zone Tier: Heroic T2
  • Resolve Requirement: 471


  • 1 – Arkose
  • 2 – Frostward
  • 3 – Ovel Stormwaker


The Tower of Sand

Once you zone in, down the bridge you’ll notice a circle. Once you come close to it a sand strider will spawn. At least one person needs to be in the circle in order to damage a mob. Once you kill the mob, another 2 circles will span next to the entrance. Again, one person per each circle in order to remove the stoneskins from the mobs. This will continue one more time, where additional 2 circles will spawn nearby. Killing two more mobs will open the gate at the bridge, leading to area where more circles will appear. Now this is a very tricky part. On the next platform, there is a tornado that will knock you up in the air, and it’s constantly moving between the circles. You will still need one person per circle in order to remove the stoneskins. On this platform 3 circles will spawn, then 3 more, and finally 4 circles. After you kill the 4 linked mobs, the gate to the first name opens. It’s imperative that you loot an arcane quartz rods from the striders, as at least 4 are needed in order to kill Arkose.

(1) Arkose <Ancient Sand Construct>

Before fight

  • Notice the 8 stone piles floating around outer circle of the map.
  • Arkose is pathing between 4 of these. You must remember or write down which of the 4 piles he approaches.
  • It’s best to designate one person who’s gonna be doing binding stones, and that person must have 4 an arcane quartz rods.

Fight mechanics

  • Arkose must be tanked in the inner circle, taking him outside gives him massive damage.
  • At 80, 60, 40 and 20% he will get a stoneskin Thermal Sand, which also has reflect components until removed.
  • To remove Thermal Sand the designated player, or if unable, someone with an arcane quartz rods must click on one of the previously designated 4 piles.
  • This will bind the stones into a stone pillar, that can’t be clicked used anymore during the duration of the fight.
  • Clicking on the wrong pillar will give you an incurable curse that will most definitely kill you over time.
  • If you wipe, the order of the stones will reset and Arkose will path around 4 different ones.
Buffs and Detriments

The Tower of Ice

Once Arkose is dead, step in the portal area (red circle). You will be teleported on the ledge near the Tower of Ice. Around this ledge (green area) you will see a frigid windkeeper mobs floating around. You will have to pull a dozen or so of these and kill them. Eventually you’ll get a message informing you that you can cross to the platform. Several dozen fans will appear all over this area. Jumping on these fans will throw you up in the air. You will also have safefall during this flight to the platform. Before you make your way across, at least one person will need to fly through one of the icy circles floating high above the fans. If you manage to hit one, it will give you a spark of frost, which is used on Frosward. On the next platform, several encounters of a vala icetalon and a valkyre icetalon mobs can be found. Be careful when fighting these mobs as they have a knockback and you could be thrown off the platform. Note, that you can pet pull some of these mobs back to the ledge before you cross to the platform. This will make it a little easier to deal with, as you can wedge yourself in the corner there to prevent getting knocked off ledge. You will need to kill several icetalons before the icy wall leading to the net name will disappear.

(2) Frostward <Snow Sentinel>

Before fight

  • Look for the 3 a Torden ice brazier in south-west, south-east and north-east corner of the platform.
  • During the fight entire group must be under one of these braziers to be protected from an incurable curse Biting Cold, which you get from standing away from a lit brazier.

Fight mechanics

  • Start by moving entire group under one of the braziers and stay there.
  • As soon as you pull the name, whoever has a spark of frost must click on the brazier immediately.
  • This will light it up and protect you from a killing Biting Cold curse.
  • Every 30seconds or so, a message will appear, warning you that a wind is blowing from certain direction.
  • If wind is blowing from the direction where pillar is located, you MUST move to another pillar and immediately used a spark of frost on that one too.
  • When the name grows, it gains a big DR, so make sure to dispel it.
  • Summons an icefrost construct mobs.
Buffs and Detriments

The Tower of Lightning

After killing Frostward, step in the portal area (red circle). You will be teleported to a platform on the Tower of Lightning. To open the gate to the last name, you will need to kill all a storm behemoth mobs that path around lightning rods (cyan area). These rods will randomly be hit by lightning and if you’re standing next to them, you will get knocked off the platform.

(3) Ovel Stormwaker

Fight mechanics

  • Fight the mob in the center of the tower.
  • He spawns Storm Rod mobs which must be killed. For every one that is up, name will gain 10% DR, and it will keep knocking people up in the air. Kill it as soon as it spawns.
  • [Heroic Version Only]
    • Throughout the fight name will gain different type of stoneskins, each with a unique effect.
    • Additionally 4 mobs will spawn around the tower (yellow circle). These mobs are a Torden fireborn, a Torden frostborn, a Torden sandborn and a Torden waterborn.
    • Depending on which stoneskin the name gets, you will have to pull appropriate mob, and kill it.
    • When you kill one of the mobs it spawns a tornado that paths around for a minute or so before it disappears.
    • Ovel must be dragged through this tornado to make him lose the stoneskin.
    • If it’s the correct combination, name will lose stoneskin and you can continue the fight.
    • Correct combinations:
      • Ice Shield > a Torden fireborn
      • Fire Shield > a Torden frostborn
      • Water Shield > a Torden sandborn
      • Sand Shield > a Torden waterborn
Buffs and Detriments