Torden, Bastion of Thunder: Winds of Change

Zone Info

  • Zone Tier: Heroic T2
  • Resolve Requirement: 471


  • S –  a Wind Spirit, used for reaching top of the Wind Tower
  • 1 – Elif Whitewind
  • 2 – The Hurricane
  • 3 – Yveti Stormbrood
  • 4 – Laef Windfall
  • 5 – Hreidar Lynhilling & Torstien Stoneskin



Make your way south across the bridge, into the hallway leading to Elif Whitwind.

(1) Elif Whitewind

Fight mechanics

  • Tank n spank.
  • Cure detriments which do moderate damage over time.
Buffs and Detriments

The Tower of Wind

After killing Elif, take the road east leading to the Tower of Wind. Once you enter this area, be careful when crossing the bridge or standing near edges. Walking through this part, will cause you to suddenly get blown by the wind and forcibly move left or right while moving. The Hurricane is circling clockwise around the bottom floor of the tower.

(2) The Hurricane

Fight mechanics

  • Tank n spank.
  • Fight the mob in one of the alcoves on inner side of the tower, to avoid getting knocked off the ledge.
  • Cure Whirl which makes infected person walk like they’re intoxicated.
Buffs and Detriments

After The Hurricane dies, go back across the bridge, but before you enter the hallway turn left and talk to a Wind Spirit. This NPC will take you on the next platform, where you will find another spirit and some mobs. Kill the mobs, then talk to this spirit to go to the next platform. Repeat this until you reach top of the tower.

(3) Yveti Stormbrood

Before fight

  • [Heroic Version]
    • Before you pull the name, notice the two platforms, one on north-west and one in south-east. This is the location where rooted adds will spawn (marked by green circles).

Fight mechanics

  • [Solo Version]
    • Tank n spank.
  • [Heroic Version]
    • Start by pulling the mob at the central area.
    • At 75, 50 and 25% the name will gain stoneskill and a rooted add will spawn on one of the platforms, which must be killed to remove the stoneskin.
    • There are two ways to do this, depending on how many healers in the group you have.
      • If you have a single healer, you have to move as a group to the platform with the adds, and kill it there.
      • If you have multiple healers, one of them can stay by the tank, who don’t have to move during this fight. The rest of the group can then move and kill the adds.
    • Where the first mob spawns is random, but the next mob will spawn on the opposite side. Therefore the first and third mob will always spawn on the same platform.
Buffs and Detriments

The Tower of Lightning

After killing Yveti, make sure to loot the body for Yveti Stormbrood’s Key and step on the platform in the middle of the central area of the tower. You will be ported to bottom floor where you can loot Yveti Stomrbrood’s Treasure. Now make your way back to the hallway across the bridge, and head west to the Tower of Lightning. Cross the bridge to reach

(4) Laef Windfall

Fight mechanics

  • Tank n spank.
  • When he emotes “Laef Windfall prepares to unleash a barrage of powerful wind in front of him“, move behind him.
  • Anyone standing in front will get an incurable long lasting stun.
  • At 5% he gains a short lasting Protected! stoneskin.
Buffs and Detriments
ACT Triggers
<Trigger R="Laef Windfall prepares to unleash a barrage of powerful wind in front of him" SD="Get behind" ST="3" CR="T" C="Torden, Bastion of Thunder: Winds of Change [Heroic]" T="F" TN="" Ta="F" />

After killing Laef go south, then follow the ramp all the way up top where telepad can be found. Step on it to get ported to top of this tower. Keep in mind that all of the mobs on the ramp will leash if you get away far enough. You could just train your way up without attacking anything and with some speed buffs, step on the telepad and all the mobs should leash and run back. Once on top, hug the ledge on either side and make your way across. Avoid the lightning, as you will die if you get hit.

(5) Hreidar Lynhilling & Torstien Stoneskin

Before fight

  • Before you pull the name, clear the adds around this area.
  • Designate one person who will be tanking Torstien (pref someone with good survivability and aggro generation).
  • Mobs have to be separated at least 30 apart if you want to mitigate the massive damage that happens a dozen times or so during this fight.
  • Position the group in dead center of the tower.
  • Tank MUST pull Hreidar, who checks for the fighter. If he’s not tanking a fighter, he will one-shot whoever holds the aggro.
  • Second, previously designated player, will pull Torstien who doesn’t have such check, so they don’t have to be a fighter.
  • Pull one mob on the outside of the inner circle, and the other mob on the opposite side (This should be just over 30 apart if positioned correctly).

Fight mechanics

  • Focused dps fight, with mobs fought far apart.
  • At the beginning, both mobs can be dpsed, however, once the first mob drops to 90% he will gain a stoneskin Protected!, and the other mob will emote “I’ve got your back, friend!“.
  • This means switch to dpsing the mob that doesn’t have the stoneskin. Burn this mob until same thing happens and he gains the same stoneskin.
  • Then switch to the other mob, who loses his Protected! buff. Keep repeating this through the entire fight.
  • Once one of them gets the stoneskin, a massive red circle spawns. This effect is a bit misleading, as you don’t have to actually joust it. No matter how far, you will still get hit by a massive damage once Cooperation Blast expires.
  • Shortly after the circle spawns, everyone gets Cooperation Blast, an incurable detriment that expires in 15s. It does one massive AOE hit upon expiration, which is based on how far apart the mobs are.
  • At 30+ the damage is still high, but it’s doable with decently geared healer. Any closer then that and you may need 2 healers, one of which is a warder.
Buffs and Detriments
ACT Triggers
<Trigger R="\\aNPC \d+ (\w+)+[^:]+:[^\\]+\\/a casts a protection spell" SD="Target $1" ST="3" CR="T" C="Torden, Bastion of Thunder: Winds of Change [Heroic]" T="F" TN="" Ta="F" />

Once these two are dead, loot the body for Hreidar Lynhilling’s Key and click on the portal which spawns where the mobs were originally standing. Circle around the tower until you find Hreidar Lynhilling Trasure.