Harvesting & Crafting Materials

Harvesting nodes:

  • harvest_node_bush
  • harvest_node_wood
  • harvest_node_trap
  • harvest_node_stone
  • harvest_node_ore
  • harvest_node_root

Regular crafting materials:

  • deadly mushroom
  • etherium
  • gnarled entwood
  • golden ember
  • greatmole meat
  • nightmare cichlid
  • plumewit hide
  • rock fern
  • storm stalk

Rare Harvest (Minimum Harvesting Skill Required for Rares: 550):

  • Celestial Foundation
  • Celestial Spellshard
  • cnidcara hide
  • darkstone
  • matron’s heart
  • rubicite ore
  • storm ent heartwood
  • strand of ether


  • Celestial Candle
  • Celestial Coal
  • Celestial Filament
  • Celestial Incense
  • Celestial Kindling
  • Celestial Sandpaper

Salvage Materials (levels 101 through 110)

  • Salvaged Planar Infuser Fragment (quest and solo tiered gear)
  • SALVAGEHEROICT11 (heroic tiered gear)
  • SALVAGERAIDT11 (raid tiered gear)

Transmuting Materials (levels 101 through 110)

  • Planar Fragment (TREASURED or higher quality)
  • Planar Powder (TREASURED or higher quality)
  • Infusion of the Planes (LEGENDARY or higher quality)

Artisan Recipes

Artisan Class Recipes

TODO: Add info on recipes, ways to acquire them and cost of buying them

  • Essentials (handcrafted) recipes: <TS class> Essentials Volume <Volume number>
  • Advanced (mastercrafted) recipes: Advanced <TS class> Volume <Volume number>

where <TS class> is name of any of the 9 artisan classes and <Volume number> is anywhere between 101 and 110.

Adorning Recipes


Tinkering Recipes



TODO: Infuser info & tiers, way to acquire them, ways of crafting them – recipes, materials.


Orange Adornments

TODO: Ways to get new orange adorns through crafting.

White Adornments

TODO: Ways to get new white adorns through crafting.

Green Adornments

TODO: Ways to get new green adorns through crafting.