Mission Timer has leveled up!

Hello folks, as promised to you, mission timer has been upgraded to additionally show mission names, locations they take place in or goal that needs to be achieved. It displays both current and upcoming, daily and weekly missions for zones as well as for crafters! The code has been polished Continue reading Mission Timer has leveled up!

Secrets of Thalumbra

Wanna know all the little secrets new overland zones offer? Well, search no more. This little guide will introduce you to all the new hidden achievements, all the new collection sets in the xpac and even a walkthrough for treasure hunt quests. Take a loot at yearly “secrets of …” Continue reading Secrets of Thalumbra

New guide: Harvesting

Hey folks, it’s been long time since wrote a guide on something. Recently I’ve been researching harvesting and crafting materials and the sum of it can be found in the new article, Harvesting Guide. This is first part of much larger article which will cover tradeskill topic in general. Enjoy!