Zone strats for PoP are up!

Happy New Year folks! Just wanted to inform you that detailed strats for the new zones are up, with the exception of the event challenge zone. Most of the strats apply to both solo and heroic versions as well as duo and event heroic versions of the zones, and when Continue reading Zone strats for PoP are up!

Zone strats, loot tables & epic 2.0

Hello folks, I’m happy to announce that Kunark Ascending articles have been finished. All the zone strats have been validated so they work 100%. Class optimizations is also up and running. Loot tables has been updated, although raid loot for t4 is still missing, due to them being gated by Continue reading Zone strats, loot tables & epic 2.0

Feature Published: Mission Timers

Hey folks, I finally got around polishing that timer code in order to publish it. You can now download it from Mission Timers page and choose between the source, if you wish to use it on any site as long as the server has PHP installed, or if you have Continue reading Feature Published: Mission Timers