Planar Crafting

Tradeskill article has been updated to include information about new unique crafting recipes and materials, as well as the way to obtain them. These are intended for adventurers who happen to be level 110 crafters. Big thanks to Vynie and Mum for helping discover and publish info about these materials Continue reading Planar Crafting

Zone strats for PoP are up!

Happy New Year folks! Just wanted to inform you that detailed strats for the new zones are up, with the exception of the event challenge zone. Most of the strats apply to both solo and heroic versions as well as duo and event heroic versions of the zones, and when Continue reading Zone strats for PoP are up!

Planes of Prophecy articles are up

Hello folks! It’s that time of the year again, when we’re faced with new challenges and new brand new content. Planes of Prophecy launches tomorrow with new zones, dungeons & quests. I’ve manage to spend more time on beta this year, and have started working on PoP articles beforehand. At Continue reading Planes of Prophecy articles are up