Planar Crafting

Tradeskill article has been updated to include information about new unique crafting recipes and materials, as well as the way to obtain them. These are intended for adventurers who happen to be level 110 crafters. Big thanks to Vynie and Mum for helping discover and publish info about these materials Continue reading Planar Crafting

New guide: Harvesting

Hey folks, it’s been long time since wrote a guide on something. Recently I’ve been researching harvesting and crafting materials and the sum of it can be found in the new article, Harvesting Guide. This is first part of much larger article which will cover tradeskill topic in general. Enjoy!

New vendor with all your favorite gear!

New merchant has been added for those looking to spend their Ferrin reserves before new xpac comes out. Kaaj-Kaal, Minister of Rarities can be found at same location as ferrin merchant Khadra, in Tower on Kithicor Island in Phantom Sea. I’ve also updated Notable Loot page to include items sold Continue reading New vendor with all your favorite gear!