Ethereals, Wave III (last one)

Third and final wave of the ethereal weapons is on and they will be dropping from all the final named mobs in heroic Altar of Malice, Rum Cellar Campaign and Fabled Echoes of Faydwer instances. Here’s a sneak peak of the goods: Corr, Retribution Downfall, the Trembler Firalean, the Divine Continue reading Ethereals, Wave III (last one)

[2015] Tinkerfest

Tinkerfest is the great annual gnomish festival of tinkering and all things tinkered. It’s that time in the year when gnomes spend time with family, friends and clockworks, exchange gifts and celebrate the gnomish life. Battleclock matches and fireworks displays are just the start of the exciting events going on Continue reading [2015] Tinkerfest