New Strat: Kralet Penumbra [Contested]

Second to last heroic zone strat is finally here. These fights are pretty generic and easily beatable, but if you’re having trouble killing certain names in here, this might help:  [ToT] Dungeons > Kralet Penumbra [Contested]. This now only leaves The Master’s Chosen, and that one is coming soon too!

Progress Report

Hello folks! It has been almost four months since ToT came out and exploring it and writing about it has been a delightful experience for me. Several topics have been covered and nearly all of them all fully updated over the past few months. Progression and Tradeskill pages for those Continue reading Progress Report

Fabled Echoes of Faydwer zone strats are now available

Hello folks, Hope you all had a great summer. To jump right into business, zone strategies for new Fabled of Echoes of Faydwer heroic zones are up and ready for use. They also contain additional information about daily missions available in each zone. Check them out: The Fabled Acadechism The Continue reading Fabled Echoes of Faydwer zone strats are now available