Progress Report

Hello folks! It has been almost four months since ToT came out and exploring it and writing about it has been a delightful experience for me. Several topics have been covered and nearly all of them all fully updated over the past few months. Progression and Tradeskill pages for those Continue reading Progress Report

Secrets of Thalumbra

Wanna know all the little secrets new overland zones offer? Well, search no more. This little guide will introduce you to all the new hidden achievements, all the new collection sets in the xpac and even a walkthrough for treasure hunt quests. Take a loot at yearly “secrets of …” Continue reading Secrets of Thalumbra

Terror of Thalumbra: Progression, Tradeskill and Optimization

Hello fellow Norrathians! It took some time and research to figure out new stuff in xpac, but I’m happy to say that reports are finally here. Like I did it with previous expansion, I decided to keep the structure of progression and xpac guides to help you start off on Continue reading Terror of Thalumbra: Progression, Tradeskill and Optimization