[GU100] Scourge Keep

Map - Scourge Keep


  • Minimum arcane/elemental/noxious resist: 210k.
  • Tiered names, which means spawning certain names will prevent some others from the same tear from spawning.
  • Kill order: In addition to tiered progression, killing certain names also prevents you from killing certain last named mob.
  • Each named fight has a death check of 5!


  • 1a – Named mob: Harkor Longdraw
  • 1b – Named mob: Vurgal the Gutter
  • 1c – Named mob: Viletooth
  • 2a – Named mob: Porkchop
  • 2b – Named mob: Bandak & Partak
  • 2c – Named mob: Onok
  • 3a – Named mob: Gutton
  • 3b – Named mob: Prime Vigoth Ansleborg
  • 4a – Named mob: Yallessulich
  • 4b – Named mob: Rinis
  • 4c – Named mob: Sanctifier Kilug
  • 5a – Named mob: Blood Iron Eater
  • 5b – Named mob: Thrug
  • 6a – Named mob: Sanctifier Maknok
  • 6b – Named mob: Sanctifier Yegigoth
  • A – Altar of Rallos
  • J – dying Jailer
  • C – Arena Champion Kraz’k for the quest unknown
  • Red Circles
    • D – quest starter for daily zone mission
    • K – quest starter for timed mission Orc Hunt
    • R – quest starter for timed mission Tower Run
  • Green Circles (items needed to spawn Yallessulich (4a) or Rinis (4b))
  • Cyan Circles
    • A – letting this orc call for his commander will spawn Prime Vigoth Ansleborg (3b)
    • G – letting this orc run for his life will spawn Glutton (3a)
  • Orange Circles – location of crock eggs needed for timed quest Seweage Disposal
  • Purple Circles
    1. pick from the ground a vine-covered staff
    2. click on a lantern to receive a flaming vine-covered staff
    3. click on 3 objects inside the room to spawn Onok (2c)
  • Stars


  • Timed Missions: “Orc Hunting
    • Time: 12m
    • Start: Click on speared bones (red circle with letter K)
    • Objective: Kill 100 orcs and war boars
    • Reward: 3 Coin of the Eternal Queen38k Status Points
  • Timed Missions: “Sewage Disposal
    • Time: unknown
    • Start: Start attacking any crocodile eggs located in sewers (areas with eggs marked with orange circle with letter E)
    • Objective: Kill 15 crocodile eggs
    • Fail condition: Once you attack an egg it will start casting “Hatching”. If you fail to kill it by the time it casts the spell, quest fails and a crock add spawns.
    • Reward: 3 Coin of the Eternal Queen38k Status Points
  • Timed Missions: “Confounding Coffers
    • Time: unknown
    • Start: Click on any silver, gold or platinum chest located in 5 possible ares in the tone (marked yellow stars)
    • Objective: Kill 5 of each of the chests in the correct order.
    • Steps:
      1. Click on any coffer to trigger the quest.
      2. Click and kill 5 of same type of coffer (either silver, gold or platinum)
      3. Click and kill the next batch of 5 same type of coffer.
      4. Click and kill the final batch of 5 coffer of the last type.
    • Fail condition: Click on a wrong type of chest.
    • Reward: 3 Coin of the Eternal Queen38k Status Points
  • Timed Missions: “Tower Run
    • Time: unknown
    • Start: click on the the throne on top of the Keep (red circle with letter R)
    • Objective: you must run through each wall tower.
    • Steps:
      1. SW tower, floors: 3 > 2 > 1
      2. SE tower, floors: 1 > 2 > 3
      3. E tower, floors: 3 > 2 > 1
      4. NE tower, floors: 1 > 2 > 3
      5. NW tower, floors: 3 > 2 > 1
      6. W tower, floors: 1 > 2 > 3
      7. Click on the throne to finish the quest.
    • Reward: 3 Coin of the Eternal Queen38k Status Points

Tier 1: Outer Courtyard

Effect - Form RankIn outer courtyard there will be several formations of dozen or so linked orc soldiers. Once you engage them, some will start running towards your group while the rest remains still. Those who remain still have a buff Form Rank, which will reflect damage back to you. It is wise to pull them far away so your AOE and encounter abilities do not affect them. Using some abilities on multiple still orcs may be fatal (for example, scouts Dagger Storm ability will usually result in instant death. With shamans this seems to be more survivable, but if your healer does not have big wards, do not attacked still soldiers.

Additionally mounted war boars in courtyard are also ranged mobs, which means once pulled they’ll stay in the location they were pulled in, and won’t move unless you move out of their range.

(1a) Harkor Longdraw <Boar Archer Commander>

(1b) Vurgal the Gutter <Battlefield Commander>

(1c) Viletooth

Tier 2: Inner Courtyard

Effect - On DutyOnce you kill Harkor, Vurgal or Viletooth you will gain access to rest of the keep. Additionally, any orc soldiers inside the keep are immune to damage if they’re fought within 5m of their assigned area!

(2a) Porkchop

(2b) Bandak Necksnapper & Partak Headripper

(2c) Onok <Scourge Quartermaster>

Tier 3: Ground Floor

(3a) Gutton <Scourge Rammer>

(3b) Prime Vigoth Ansleborg <Tallonite Commander>

Tier 4: Cauldron or Altar

Spawning names of this tier will result in which final name you will be able to spawn. Spawning Yallessulich (4a) or Rinis (4b) will result in Sanctifier Yegigoth (6a) as the final name, while spawning Sanctifier Kilug (4c) will lead to Sanctifier Maknok (6a) as the final name.

(4a) Yallessulich <Arch Alchemist>

(4b) Rinis the Everslaved <Avenging Banshee>

(4c) Sanctifier Kilug <Tallon’s Oathwsworn>

Tier 5: Basement

Effect - The Last TaskWhile exploring the mines underneath the Keep, you’ll run into a group of orc mines and taskmasters. Taskmasters cast an incurable detriment The Last Task on random people in the group. You have to kill taskmaster before killing any of the miners, otherwise anyone with the det will die, should miners be killed before the taskmaster. If he casts the det, make sure to target the taskmaster and avoid hitting the miners. This means Singular Focus on and no AOE abilities.

(5a) Blood Iron Eater

(5b) Thrug <Scourge Executioner>

Tier 6: Throne

(6a) Sanctifier Maknok <Scourge Tyrant> & Captain Vulis <Servant of the Tyrant>

(6b) Sanctifier Yegigoth <Scourge Oppressor>