[GU100] The Fabled Ruins of Varsoon

Map - Fabled Ruins of Varsoon


  • Minimum arcane/elemental/noxious resist: 180k each
  • There are no unique strategies for these zones. All named mobs are straightforward tank n spank fights.


  • Blue Circle (named mob has a placeholder)
    1. A Crawler Queen
    2. Varsoon Tormentor
    3. Guard Captain
    4. Alchemist Pinjula
    5. Weavemaster EshRax
    6. Tome of Life
    7. Mibble Toad
    8. The Crimson Butcher
    9. Tome of Death
  • Red Circle (ring event – defeat 3 waves of mobs to spawn the name)
    1. Erbmys Sumyd
    2. Thimzem Cire
    3. Et’sipe Ymeresh
  • Regular named mobs (no ring events or placeholders)
    1. The Creator
    2. Pritchett the Taster
    3. Forge Overseer Eid’un
  • Green star – two lamps which give 2 daily quests