[GU100] The Fabled Sanctum of Fear

Map - Fabled Sanctum of Fear

  • Minimum arcane/elemental/noxious resist: 180k each
  • There are no unique strategies for these zones. All named mobs are straightforward tank n spank fights.


  • Clear all the trash in the corridor leading to upper floor
  • Kill named mob Overlord Um Nix (1)
  • Clear top floor of all thrash mobs
  • Click on each of 4 totems to spawn an encounter of mobs, some of which may spawn X2 (blue circles)
  • After you clear the last encounter, one of 3 possible named mobs will spawn on top platform.
  • Finally kill Dread/Fright/Terror (2)
    • Each name has a strong knockback which may trow you off the platform.
    • It’s best if named is pulled down the stairs and in a corner.
    • Adds will keep spawning throughout the fight, but they’re fairly easy to burn down with AOE damage.