[ToT] Kralet Penumbra [Contested]

Map - Kralet Penumbra Contested


  • Minimum required  arcane/elemental/noxious resist depend on the mobs you’re fighting. There are 3 tiers of names in this zone, 2 heroic and 2 X2 raid:
    • T1: 180k
    • T2: 190k
    • X2: 200k
  • Aberrants in the zone will sometimes cast an incurable detriment which prevents tank from casting.
  • Thrash mobs have about 15-20m respawn time, while named mobs have an hour respawn time, with exception of epics who respawn ever 3h.
  • All names in this zone have a generic set of abilities and scripts from shared pool that they use.
  • Aberrant mobs in this zone will constantly make you switch targets.


  • M1 – Daily mission starter
  • M2 – Daily mission starter
  • S – Click on the compartment to get a NO-TRADE shiny Indicium of the Ill-Seen One (can only be clicked once every 2h)
  • P1..3 – Portals leading to epic names
  • A1..4 – Named mobs in Northern wing of the zone
  • B1..5 – Named mobs in Eastern wing of the zone
  • C1..5 – Named mobs in Northwest wing of the zone
  • D1..5 – Named mobs in Southwest wing of the zone
  • X1..3 – Epic X2 Named mobs in Southwest wing of the zone


  • Contested: Defeat the Greater Bosses
    • Objective: Bulwark of Yothshaval (D4), Crytid (C4), Defender of the Ill-Seen (D1), Defender of Yothshaval (D3), Issshz (C5), Krang-Vega (C3), Lollor (C1), Mo’Ithraf (D5), Nalcaal (C2), Sloroth (D2)
  • Contested: Defeat the Lesser Bosses
    • Objective: Blattod Tyopt (B5), Cxac-Yai (A5), Khroth (A1), Krill (B2), Orrikthu (B3), Uvheg, the Wanderer (A4), Vel’da’kar (A3), Vel’da’kree (A2), Vorv’Thadd (B4), Yugol Bubon (B1)
  • Victory: Shield of Yothshaval
    • Objective: Defeat Shield of Yothshaval (X2)
  • Victory: Sustainer of Yothshaval
    • Objective: Defeat Sustainer of Yothshaval (X3)
  • Victory: Watcher of Yothshaval
    • Objective: Defeat Watcher of Yothshaval (X1)

Wing A (North) Names:

(A1) Khroth <Guardian of the Waters>

(A2) Vel’da’kree <Temple Annihilator>

(A3) Vel’da’kar <Temple Annihilator>

(A4) Uvheg, the Wanderer <Temple Attendant>

(A5) Cxac-Yai <Temple Speaker>


Wing B (East) Names:

(B1) Yugol Bubon <Dark Lurker>

(B2) Krill <Dark Destroyer>

(B3) Orrikthu <Keeper of the Knowledge>

(B4) Vorv’Thadd <Keeper of Days>

(B5) Blattod Tyopt <The Shredder>


Wing C (Northwest) Names:

(C1) Lollor <The Willfull Destroyer>

(C2) Nalcaal <Visage of Death>

(C3) Krang-Vega <Shadowy Mentor>

(C4) Crytid <Unholy Fungus>

(C5) Issshz <Lord Octoyogg>


Wing D (Southwest) Names:

(D1) Defender of the Ill-Seen <Warden of Time>

(D2) Sloroth <The Torrid>

(D3) Defender of Yothshaval <Great Terror>

(D4) Bulwark of Yothshaval <Dark Horror>

(D5) Mo’Ithraf <Overlord of the Dead>

(X1) Watcher of Yothshaval

(X2) Shield of Yothshaval

(X3) Sustainer of Yothshaval