[ToT] Kralet Penumbra: Temple of the Ill-Seen [Heroic]

Map - Kralet Penumbra Temple of the Ill-Seen


  • Minimum arcane/elemental/noxious resist: 170k each
  • Aberrants in the zone will prevent tank from targeting anything for a short period of time (tanks shouldn’t be used as MA)
  • Aberrants will detarget non tank toons, watch you range if you’re using melee


  • H – Plunderable house item (one per instance): Reaching for the Deep
  • M1 – object triggered quest giver “a lit brazier” for quest Dormant Braziers
  • M2 – location triggered quest starter for quest “Cathedral Sweep
  • 1 – Named mob: Grelikor
  • 2 – Named mob: Klandoth
  • 3 – Named mob: Tlat-a-tor
  • 4 – Named mob: Yagg-khytor
  • 5 – Named mob: Xoth, the Ever Rending


  • Timed Missions: “Dormant Braziers
    • Time: 6m
    • Start: Click on a lit brazier (M1)
    • Objective: Light east and west braziers on top floor
    • Steps:
      • Kill Grelikor (1)
      • Run up the stairs to top floor and click the west brazier
      • Kill Klandoth (2)
      • Following message appears: “A deep violet orb forms within the waters below…
      • A deep violet orb has spawned in the water down bellow (random location) and someone must find it and click it (can’t be tracked)
      • Click on east brazier
    • Hint: Kill first two names and clear the central room. This way you can do quest under a minute.
    • Reward: 3 Coin of the Eternal Queen, 38k Status Points
  • Timed Missions: “Cathedral Sweep
    • Time: 6m
    • Start: Enter either of room on top floor (M2) and this quest will start automatically
    • Objective: Kill 3 “a dark-shadowed wretches” in north room and 14 “an accumulated consequents” in south room on top floor
      Reward: 3 Coin of the Eternal Queen, 38k Status Points


  • Victory: Xoth, the Ever Rending
    • Objective: Kill Xoth, the Ever Rending (5)


(1) Grelikor <Lurid Beast>

(2) Klandoth <Holder of Wisdom>

(3) Tlat-a-tor <Summoned Annihilator>

(4) Yagg-khytor <Keeper of Xoth>

(5) Xoth, the Ever Rending <Dark Horror>