[ToT] Kralet Penumbra: Tepid Depths [Heroic]

Map - Kralet Penumbra Tepid Depths


  • Minimum arcane/elemental/noxious resist: 200k each
  • Aberrants in the zone will do a massive mental frontal AOE (can hit you if you’re on the side of the mob)
  • Tanks must carefully pull adds in this zone
  • If your group is not well geared for higher tier zones, you may want to consider bringing two healers
  • Map does not properly show where names are located, due to several floors


  • H – Plunderable house item (one per instance): Song of the Deceiver
  • 1 – Named mob: Polyph
  • 2 – Named mob: Cephelon of Many Tenanacles
  • 3 – Named mob: Kith-Lu
  • 4 – Named mob: Maraki, Hand of Mrwar
  • 5 – Named mob: Mrwar, the Destroyer


  • Timed Missions: “Tepid Vermin
    • Time: 3x2m
    • Start: Starts automatically when you enter the room where Polyph (1) is located
    • Objective: First kill Polyph (1), then kill Cephelon of Many Tenanacles (2), then kill Kith-Lu (3)
    • Reward: 3 Coin of the Eternal Queen, 38k Status Points
  • Timed Missions: “Shell Shock
    • Time: 7m
    • Start: Kill any deathly octoyogg on bottom floor in water
    • Objective: Kill 20 deathly octoyoggs and collect 10 shells
    • Hint: shells are all in the water, throughout the bottom floor and can be tracked using prestige crafting racking ability
    • Reward: 3 Coin of the Eternal Queen, 38k Status Points


  • Victory: Mrwar, the Destroyer
    • Objective: Mrwar, the Destroyer  (5)


(1) Poliph <The Lost>

(2) Cephelon of Many Tenanacles

(3) Kith-Lu <Overlord Dead Summoner>

(4) Maraki, Hand of Mrwar <Beguiled Ghast>

(5) Mrwar, the Destroyer <The Un-Transformed>