[ToT] Kralet Penumbra: Uzulu Deep [Event Heroic]


  • Minimum arcane/elemental/noxious resist: 200k each.
  • To spawn named mobs you first need to do a puzzle each time. Your goal is to click on one of the 4 orbs on the platform (marked on the map by blue circles) until all 4 match the color of the orb on top of the pillar (marked on the map by a purple circle) in the middle of the platform.
  • Whenever you click on orb, it and 2 adjacent orbs will change color. There are total of four colors, white, red, blue and violet.
  • Clicking on the pillar will reset orbs back to starting colors and spawn 2 aberrant adds.
  • To solve the puzzle, run up to stairs and face the platform with orbs, so that you have 2 orbs both left and right of you:
    • First puzzle: Left >> Far Right >> Far Left >> Right.
    • Second puzzle: Left >> Left >> Left >> Far Right.
    • Third puzzle: Far Right >> Left >> Far Right >> Left >> Far Right >> Far Left.


  • 1 – Named mob: Kyrogna
  • 2 – Named mob: Jinsky
  • 3 – Named mob: Urzzra-Uzulu
  • L – Left Orb
  • R – Right Orb
  • FL – Far Left Orb
  • FR – Far Right Orb


  • there are no missions starting in this zone!


  • Victory: Urzzra-Uzulu
    • Objective: Urzzra-Uzulu (3)


(1) Kyrogna

(2) Jinsky

(3) Urzzra-Uzulu <Thoughtgrazer>