[ToT] Maldura: Bar Brawl [Event Heroic]

Map - Maldura Bar Brawl


  • Minimum arcane/elemental/noxious resist: 190k each
  • There are a lot of adds in a very small area. They’re inactive until you approach their line of sight, at which point they can be targeted and attacked.
  • Careful when casting AOEs with large radius, you can end up pulling entire zone.


  • 1 – Named mob: Dalkuhm
  • 2 – Named mob: Baily & Barnum
  • 3 – Named mob: The Vengeful Elder


  • there are no missions starting in this zone!


  • Victory: The Vengeful Elder
    • Objective: The Vengeful Elder (3)


(1) Dalkuhm <Hysterical Historian>

(2) Bailey Bingling <Barnum’s Deranged Brother> & Barnum Bingling <Bailey’s Crazed Brother>

(3) The Vengeful Elder <Ironblood Patriarch>