Progression, Stats, Itemization & Adorns


ToT: Questline progression & new zones

So what’s new?

Terrors of Thalumbra adds 2 new storylines, one for adventuring heroes and one for crafters:

It also adds two new major zones:

  • Thalumbra, the Ever Deep
  • Maldura

Some of the major character additions and changes:

  • New signature questline
  • New deity system
  • New gear upgrade system – infusion
  • New item flags: Relic (only one item with this flag can be worn at a time) & Prestige (limited only to members with subscription)
  • New harvest tier 100 only
  • New factions: Citizens of Maldura, Deepforge Founders, Shields of Maldura, Zou’Lidelas
  • New faction merchants
  • New alternate currencies for adventuring and tradeskilling
  • New Lore & Legend: Cepholex, Poxfiend, Fathomlurker
  • Guilds can now level past 100
  • New guild amenity, Guild Buff Banner, which gives a permanent buff and levels with the guild

Adventure Timeline

This timeline starts by talking to one of two NPCs depending on your alignment:

  • Freeport aligned: Speak to Virun D’Xyafin in Neriak, City of Hate at (/waypoint -284, 29, 184 )
  • Qeynos aligned: Speak to Dangle Springbolt in Kelethin (/waypoint 323, 109, 158 )

The signature itself is quite simple and short. Final reward is an awesome mount with quite a few stat bonuses, including arcane/elemental/noxious resistances as well as 14k ability modifier: Scytalis, of the Ever Deep. And also a choice of one the rings as the reward: Klick’Anon Signet Ring, Doomwalker’s Ring, Moradhim Signet Ring, University of Andelfoof Ring. Finally you get a unique infuser, one that has 100% success chance: Thalumbra Equipment Infuser.

Crafting Timeline

Nothing special with this timeline either. Just a series of quests which require you to craft quest items and/or travel to certain locations and talk to certain NPCs. It starts by speaking to Ethan Dariani in the Far Seas tavern on The Island of Mara (/waypoint -89, -2, 105 ).

In total, following materials are needed to do this questline(assuming you don’t fail while crafting and consume some of the mats/fuels):




Doing the first quest in the questline will unlock repeatable quests:

  • Daily & Weekly: Gwynvyn at (/waypoint 47, 36, -167 ) in Maldura

Reward from finishing crafting storyline is a choice of unique items that have special crafter & merc buffs: Tranquil Censer of Confinement, Embellished Censer of Confinement, Dedicated Censer of Confinement, Hardened Censer of Confinement.

Tips, hints and suggestions

  • Each questline is worth doing for various reasons. The quest mount is at the moment the best “free” mount you’ll get
  • While new zones have 38 unique quests in total, not all are required to progress through the main storyline
  • While running the advanced solos doing the questline, don’t use infusers you get on quested gear. Instead save it for heroic/raid.
  • There are a few object triggered quests, as well as repeatable zone quests that reward faction and currency
  • You will need to gain some faction before merchants of Maldura will talk to you

ToT: Dungeons

Difficulty legend

  • Easy
  • Medium
  • Hard

Note that difficulty used are for intended audience. For example an easy advanced solo and an easy heroic dungeon does not mean they’re equally easy. Players with quest/solo gear will find easy advanced solo quick and fast to run, while an easy heroic will be much much more difficult to run with such gear setup. As far as raids go, there are by no means easy raids. Instead, I’ll use difficulty to mark zones by the amount of mobs from each tier, green being T1 names, orange being T2 names and red being T3 names.

Advanced Solo dungeons

  • Kralet Penumbra: Rise to Power
  • Kralet Penumbra: Temple of the Ill-Seen
  • Maldura: Algorithm for Destruction
  • Maldura: Bar Brawl
  • Maldura: District of Ash
  • Stygian Threshold: The Howling Gateway

Heroic dungeons

  • Kralet Penumbra: Rise to Power
  • Kralet Penumbra: Temple of the Ill-Seen
  • Kralet Penumbra: Tepid Depths
  • Kralet Penumbra: The Master’s Chosen
  • Maldura: Algorithm for Destruction
  • Maldura: District of Ash
  • Stygian Threshold

Event Heroic dungeons

  • Kralet Penumbra: Submerged Lair
  • Kralet Penumbra: Uzulu Deep
  • Maldura: Bar Brawl
  • Maldura: Palace Foray
  • Stygian Threshold: The Howling Gateway
  • Stygian Threshold: The Toxic Pools

Contested dungeons

  • Kralet Penumbra (difficulty varies for each name, including X2 mobs)


  • Maldura: Bhoughbh’s Folly (x2)
  • Maldura: Forge of Ashes
  • Stygian Threshold: Edge of Underfoot
  • Kralet Penumbra: The Hive Mind

Tips, hints and suggestions

  • Your aim is to have as much arcane/elemental/noxius resistance as possible. Make sure to at least have quested jewelry and at least 170k resists before attempting heroic zones.
  • Due to high arcane/elemental/noxious damage done by mobs, some instances require two healers, and some can be done with one moderately geared healer.
  • Zone strategies can be found on ToT: Dungeons page.

ToT: Itemization

ToT takes a different route of upgrading gear. Unlike two previous xpacs, gear is no longer upgraded using gemstones. Instead, special items called infusers are utilized to upgrade gear. Some maldura merchants also offer gear in exchange for alternate currency.


Main currency (like Far Seas Ferrin was in AoM) of this new xpac is Coin of the Eternal Queen.

It can be acquired from following:

  • Advanced Solo Mission: 3
  • Event Heroic Mission: 10
  • Heroic Mission: 15
  • Daily Adv Solo Mission: 3
  • Daily Event Heroic Mission: 10
  • Daily Heroic Mission: 15
  • Timed Advanced Solo Zone specific missions: 1
  • Timed Heroic Zone specific missions: 3
  • Weekly Zone (Named Mobs) Mission: 15
  • Weekly Advanced Solo Mission: 15
  • Weekly Event Heroic Mission: 25
  • Weekly Heroic Mission: 45
  • Weekly Heroic Contested Mission: 45
  • Weekly Raid Mission: 65

Second currency used in this xpac is Coin of the Grand Artificer.

It can be acquired from following:

  • TS questline (only from quests that are done during Maldura part of questline), each quest rewards: 1
  • TS daily: 1
  • TS weekly: 3


This xpac offers a unique way to upgrade your gear. Unlike previous 2 xpacs where gear was upgraded using gemstones, in ToT infusers are utilized to accomplish this. Unlike gemming your gear, this will not produce a new item and return adornments. Instead, only a certain stat will be increased, depending on infuser you used. It’s worth noting that infusers have a very low success rate (20-25%), so you’ll spend many of them before you fully upgrade certain stat. There are a few ways to acquire infusers:

Infusing using platinum

There’s an option to infuse your gear with platinum. This for now seems extremely expensive solution, and the price for each time you infuse an item goes exponentially up, weather you were successful in infusing or not.

Tips, hints and suggestions

  • When using an infuser on a piece of gear, reforge and adorns remain completely unaffected. This system works along with reforging.
  • Infusing gear with platinum, at least for now, seems as a big plat sink. Note that a comment made by a game dev on beta forums, indicates that game is optimized for the gear you acquire, and infusing the gear is only the “bonus”. With that in mind you may want to save plat instead.

ToT: Adornments

White adornments

This xpac will keep incandescent as top tier of white adorns introduced in AoM.

Purple adornments

Green Adornments

ToT: Stats

Auto attack reduction

Auto attack has been nerfed and focus of DPS has been moved towards abilities. In previous two xpacs we got gear that gave equal amount of potency and crit bonus. Gear from ToT however gives significantly more potency then it does crit bonus. Unlike previous two xpacs, following two stats are now capped:

  • Crit Bonus caps at 3k
  • (S)WDB caps at 300

Changes to combat arts & spells

There has been some significant change in some of the combat arts and spells. I only had time to test my swashy and dirge, but both received some nice boosts to their abilities. Battle Cry now gives additional 50 Potency to your target in addition to other BC stats. Rogue’s shadow (from AA Prestige tree) now debuffs your target as well. I’m not yet sure if every class got their abilities updated, but from what I’ve seen, every scout class has so far.

For class specific stat requirements & recommendations, please visit Class Optimization page.

ToT: Deity System

A new deity system has been implemented in this xpac, that works in pair with original altar deity miracles and blessings. Unlike original deity, you’re not required to visit altars to replenish your abilities, but instead you can access new interface directly from anywhere by opening main menu and selecting Deity from the list. This will open new window that will give you 2 options, either assign points into deity abilities or assign them as permanent bonus to potency, crit bonus or stamina.

Gaining Tithe (aka Deity Points)

The previous deity system was based on faction/favor. Tithe system works differently. As you gain experience (even when you’re capped), 10% of that experience goes into tithe. You’ll see in your chat message every time you gain tithe. After you gain enough of it, you’ll get a tithe point. Open your Deity window and in the middle in the circle a number. This is tithe point. You can use it now to assign it into either abilities or stat boosters.

The limit for each stat is 100. It’s also very important to know that tithe points will cap at 10! Make sure to spend them before it reaches 10. Once you gain that many points you’ll stop gaining tithe until you assign at least one point.

Deity Abilities

There are 3 groups of deity abilities, good, evil and neutral, each with 5 available abilities for you to select. Use of these abilities is limited to your alignment:

  • Good: Only good (Qeynos aligned) players can use these
  • Evil: Only evil (Freeport aligned) players can use these
  • Neutral: Everyone can use these (Exiles can ONLY use these)

Permanent Stat Bonuses

You can also assign tithe points into one of 3 fields to permanently boost your stats. Note that unlike deity abilities, more points you assign into these bonuses, more of them it takes to advance them to next level. Following stats are available for you to choose:

  • Crit Bonus
  • Potency
  • Stamina


Good Alignment Abilities
tot-deity-good1 tot-deity-good5 tot-deity-good4 tot-deity-good3 tot-deity-good2
Evil Alignment Abilities
tot-deity-evil1 tot-deity-evil5 tot-deity-evil4 tot-deity-evil3 tot-deity-evil2
Neutral Abilities
tot-deity-neutral1 tot-deity-neutral5 tot-deity-neutral4 tot-deity-neutral3 tot-deity-neutral2